.NET Developer Bundle


Bundle for developers writing applications in any of the languages supported by the .NET Framework and testers who need to test applications written in .NET.

The Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle enables you to fix, pinpoint and understand slow or buggy .NET code, whether it’s your own or from third parties. It helps you optimise the performance and memory usage of your .NET application and shows you how your .NET code interacts with SQL Server or Oracle databases, and the impact that those interactions have on application performance.

.NET Developer Bundle contains three tools focused on helping you write performant, high quality software.

  • ANTS Performance Profiler Pro. Get a complete picture of your application’s performance and find bottlenecks in the code or database.
  • ANTS Memory Profiler. Find memory leaks within minutes and optimize the memory usage of your C# and VB.NET code.
  • .NET Reflector VSPro. Understand and debug any 3rd party code, including frameworks, components, and libraries.



.NET Developer Bundle – Features

.NET Bundle