What is Long Tail Technology Procurement?

What is Long Tail Software?

Long Tail also can be known as ‘Tail End’ software and “Weird Ware”. From mainstream applications to niche tools tailored for specificindustries or tasks, the spectrum of available software is vast. Understanding and accessing this variety, particularly in the realm of Long Tail software, can be a daunting challenge for businesses. That’s where QBS steps in, offering innovative solutions to solve your procurement problems and unlock the power of Long Tail software.

Long Tail Spend is typically low-value, high-volume software lines that are usually sourced from many publishers – often direct with greater cost associated to the supplier set up and management than the price of the software. Long Tail is expensive and resource-intensive to serve and is often error-prone, highly complex and risky.

The Long Tail Software Challenge


A typical enterprise on average has between 600 and 5000 software vendors to manage.

Time Consuming

Long Tail software accounts for 80% of supplier count but less than 20% of spend.


Managing a wide range of vendors is challenging, risky and cumbersome.

Hidden Costs

On average there is over 600 software vendors needing to be managed. It costs on average £2000 to set up a supplier and £25 to process an order.

The Long Tail Software process

We are proud to have collaborated with QBS to address our strategic customer’s procurement hurdles. QBS’s long tail software service has been pivotal in simplifying the customer’s purchasing landscape. By offering a comprehensive range of software solutions through QBS, we have helped our strategic customers navigate their procurement challenges with ease’ – Shelly Hennessy

Account Director at CDW

  • Searching
  • Screening
  • Supplier set-up
  • Correspondence
  • Contracting
  • Quoting
  • Purchasing
  • Invoicing
  • Query Management
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Contact Details Management
Risk Management
  • Legal Governance
  • Compliance
  • Credit Checks
  • VAT / Tax
  • Cost of Cash
Improve Efficiency
  • Faster on-Boarding
  • Fast Quotations
  • Committed SLAs
  • Deliver Software Globally, Procure Locally
Improve Accountability
  • One Contact
  • Consolidated Quoting, Ordering and Billing
  • Eradicate Rogue Credit Card Spend
Reduce Risk
  • Fraud Risk
  • Tax Risk
  • Legal Risk
Save Money
  • Reduce Internal Management Costs
  • Improved Payment Terms
  • Reduce Purchase Cost
Save Time
  • Focus on The Business Priorities
  • Proactive Renewals
  • Less Supplier Meetings

Engagement that suits you

QBS offers flexibility in how you can interact with our platform; whether through self-service via our user-friendly portal, email, or direct contact with one of our license experts over the phone.

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