Your gateway to over 11,500 enterprise SaaS products

Streamlining long-tail software sourcing, procurement, and delivery for enterprises via their reseller partner

As the only single-source procurement platform for 11,500+ software publishers – with market-leading service levels – you can be sure to increase procurement efficiencies, reduce costs and win more deals. Discover our people, process and technology powered platform.

Source & Quote
With access to 11,500+ software publishers and dedicated licensing specialists, source the software you require quickly and at a competitive price.
Purchase & Fulfil

Buy enterprise software efficiently and effectively every time. Order by phone, email, online or via technology integrations for quick and direct software delivery.

Support & Renew

With first-class support and enablement, plus a renewals management system backed by specialists, you can grow your business even more.

SAAS & Licences from
11,500+ software publishers

Resellers, service providers and system integrators rely on our platform for sourcing and quoting, through purchasing and fulfilment, to support and renewals.

Developer Tools

Develop and deploy software applications, API lifecycle management, cross platform testing and CI/CD tools.

Digital Workplace

Create, collaborate and manage with design and creative management software, and access data, tools and systems remotely.


Monitor and manage critical infrastructure, applications and data across on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments


Improve data and security and compliance management. Endpoint application, network and password security plus disaster recovery.

Bespoke Solutions

Engage the QBS team to assist with the procurement of specific technologies as part of project delivery, tender opportunities and technology optimisation.

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