The industry-standard Perl distribution available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.

ActivePerl is a leading commercial-grade distribution of the open source Perl scripting language. Business Edition annual licences provide commercial support with access to current and legacy builds and repositories and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX or HP-UX.

Key Features:

  • Commercial Support at an Affordable Price: Troubleshooting via support forums costs you in labor time and unreliable results. With Business Edition support, you ensure maximum productivity and uptime, as well as peace of mind.
  • Access to Current and Legacy Versions: Get the language version you need on the platform you want. The following versions are available for purchase with Business Edition+:
  • Fast and easy module management:
    • Find and install modules quickly and easily with access to the package manager for your respective language (PPM, PyPM and Teapot)
    • Module availability varies by language and version. Each package manager reflects the most up-to-date module availability