Enterprise-grade cloud users can increase the returns on their investment with SolarWinds solutions for full observability of the software stack.

As shown by an Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) investigation into the SolarWinds advantage, an integrated SolarWinds implementation with cloud observability can streamline the operational toolset for the demands of today's enterprise.

Customers working with multiple on-prem datacentres and cloud providers, especially in hybrid environments, are able to slash capex and opex while accelerating returns.

For example, the software enterprise in the EMA study, simply by adopting and extending their integrated SolarWinds investment, saved $1.7 million (£1.4m) in one-time capex and at least $1.8m per year of opex, as well as enjoying a return of $5.4m from a $1.1m investment three years previously.

The SolarWinds full-stack observability suite now manages the operations infrastructure, covering off a range of critical infrastructure requirements.

*Network performance monitoring

*Server, virtual and application monitoring

*Configuration management

*Database/storage management.

Problems solved included fragmentation of toolset and infrastructure, replacing multiple products for managing or monitoring infrastructure and services -- a common cause of operational inefficiencies from service availability to resource planning issues.

According to the EMA analysis: "In addition to disparate data sets, these fragmented tools often had conflicting time stamps ... Reconciling these conflicts slowed down operations."

Click here to read the full customer report from EMA.

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(Image by chuck herrera from Pixabay)