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We 'do the right thing' by 'doing things right'

We support the majority of the UN SDGs and specifically 8 through our offsetting programme. These are closely aligned to our purpose and represent an area where we can have authentic and meaningful impact, given the nature of our business and where we operate.


Everybody at QBS recognises the benefits of developing the business in an environmentally responsible and friendly manner. QBS is committed to the prevention of pollution and the protection of the environment and recognises that this is in the best interests of the organisation, its employees and stakeholders, and that it contributes to a better quality of life, now and for future generations. QBS opposes waste of natural resources and makes every effort to conserve resources. It places high value on encouraging the industry to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.


Engaging with and investing in our local communities is critically important to QBS. The intended purpose of company donations is to achieve positive social, environmental and community impact, with a strategic bias towards the support of emerging sports and wellbeing.


QBS believes in strong governance and this is set by the group board comprising of a balance of executive and non-executive directors.

2021-2022 ESG KPIS

QBS uses KPIs that act as a compass to ensure moving in the right direction to meet our ESG promises.

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