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Security Awareness Training

Human error is the biggest threat to your cyber security

uSecure provides a powerful solution to cut down human risk and turn your employees into cybersecurity pros. Cost-effective and admin-lite, it's a programme that anyone who cares about the safety of their information can't afford to ignore.

Cyber Security Training made easy

Gone are the days of those soul-destroying training modules that every employee dreads. uSecure's all-in-one platform provides a cost-effective and admin-lite approach that uses personalised courses to intrigue and engage your workforce, turning them from security risks to cyber assets.
Raise Security Awareness
Raise Security Awareness
uLearn rejects the concept of one size fits all and automatically deploys regular training courses that tackle individual cyber security knowledge gaps
Reduce Phishing Vulnerability
Reduce Phishing Vulnerability
uPhish monitors and assesses user vulnerabilities to a range of sophisticated attacks, 91% of which occur from phishing emails
Identify Exposed Emails
Identify Exposed Emails
uBreach monitors millions of data dumps, paste sites and forums to identify at-risk users and stop any cyber attacks before they can even begin
Calculate Human Risk Score
Calculate Human Risk Score
uSecure's Risk Score calculates your security awareness metrics in a way you can understand, showing areas where improvement is needed for each individual

Trusted By The Best

uSecure personalised cyber training is currently used by security professionals across several sectors.

Simplify tedious tasks

uPolicy switches up traditional policy management by centralising, simplifying and measuring your policy process - cutting down admin time and making sure your users are aware and in approval of any updates.

Lightning fast deployment

User enrollment is a seamless process and in a matter of minutes, the uSecure platform will begin to craft a personalised training programme that can be followed at any pace.

Exclusively-built MSP Portal

uSecure provides a unique security awareness platform specifically built to meet the needs of MSPs. Admin-lite with custom automation, its ability to drive success and cut down on internal threats makes it an easy sell to clients big and small.

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