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Cloud backup and recovery. Only smarter.

Smarter cloud backup, with zero hardware required, delivering the broadest coverage of data sources from a single app and lightning-quick recovery of any files on demand.


Specialists in data protection for over 20 years, Redstor’s technology was built from the ground up to enable MSPs to grow their business and protect their customers’ data, no matter where it resides. Infused with AI, Redstor’s smart app, detects malware, identifies gaps in protection, highlights revenue opportunities and enables lightning-fast recovery of files on-demand.
Backup for MSPs
Backup for MSPs
The simplest, smartest backup platform, purpose-built to increase existing and drive new revenue streams for MSPs.
End User Backup
End User Backup
Discover, manage and protect all your data through a single app with lightning-fast recoveries.

Redstor awarded 70 G2 badges and named #1 in 21 categories

Smarter recovery

The only cloud-first backup with on-demand recovery of files and databases, in an instant.

Redstor’s proprietary InstantData™ technology enables recovering entire systems in moments, with a seamless user experience that allows users to get back to work almost instantly, streaming what they need, when they need it.

Smarter Management

Smarter backup, including the broadest coverage of data sources, through a single app, able to be set up in under 60 seconds. Save time, hassle and costs with no hardware requirement and the ability to manage everything centrally, from anywhere.

Outsmart cyber threats

Redstor’s proprietary, AI-powered, malware detection technology neutralizes threats before they become attacks.

Scanning all existing backup data, it isolates, quarantines and flags any suspicious files for review, and thanks to community insights, the solution gets better every day.

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