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10X Efficiency for I.T. teams, powered by AI

Enable efficiency at scale with Atera's AI-powered IT management platform, connecting Helpdesk and Ticketing with Remote Monitoring & Management.


For years, IT pros have been underserved with technologies that don’t meet their evolving needs. We are here to change that. Atera’s is the world’s first AI-powered IT management platform that force multiplies IT teams’ brainpower & enables relentless operational excellence for customers, across their entire organizations.

Welcome to the next level of IT

Everything you need to get to where you want to be.
One comprehensive RMM solution built for IT professionals.

Remote Monitoring and Management, Remote Access, Helpdesk, Billing, and Reporting. You get every feature, every tool - everything you need - to streamline your workflow and start looking forward to Monday mornings again.
Easy and quick onboarding to hit the ground running.

Keep everything operating smoothly with Atera's intuitive design and clear interface. Built for professionals who need something to help them work smarter and faster.
Manage unlimited devices, without breaking the bank.

Save a whole lot of money with our disruptive, honest, and transparent pricing. With unlimited devices, you now have the freedom to say yes. You’ll never have the hassle of awkward conversations about raising prices, and instead you’ll garner customer loyalty.
IT automations
Power up your work processes through automation.

IT automation rules, shared script library, and exclusive patch management software take care of all the busywork so you can step up and shape the future of IT.

Next-generation customers

IT departments and MSPs around the world have reached the next level of IT.

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Busy handling what today throws at you?
Or maybe you’re looking to maximize time efficiency?
Customize your Remote Monitoring and Management software within minutes. With complete visibility and control of your customer networks from any device, you can now provide instant, first-class remote IT support, wherever, whenever.

Helpdesk, Billing and Reporting (PSA)

Packed with ticketing management and reporting capabilities, be at the top of your game with streamlined day-to-day business operations, and deliver the best customer service with our state-of-the-art Professional Services Automation (PSA).

AI-powered IT

Unleash the limitless possibilities of AI through Atera's comprehensive platform that spans from ticket initiation to resolution. Improve efficiency and quickly achieve superior results with ticket overviews, recommended remediation, intelligent responses, and AI-developed scripts for seamless IT support.

Patch Management

Save time by automating patches for Windows, Mac, and every type of software on your end users' devices, and stay on top of every network. Ensure airtight security against hackers by eliminating vulnerabilities.

Remote Access

Our integrations with Splashtop and AnyDesk allow instant, on-demand remote access and support without any nasty hidden costs. Support any device anywhere, anytime with the most secure, best-in-class remote access tools. Go there, and anywhere, with Atera.

Network Discovery

Instant network scans? You got it.
You now have a complete view of all your clients' IT networks. Simply create a comprehensive inventory of all assets and you're done. Atera has everything you need to grow and power through your goals.

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