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SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader
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Screen readers, magnifiers and multi-lingual Braille displays providing independence for visually impaired users with varying levels of sight.

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Readeris ideal for individuals whose sight is changing or for organisations providing screen access to people with different sight levels. Offering the same OCR scan and read and natural voices as Magnifier & Speech, additions like the Dolphin Cursor and Item Finder to identify what’s on screen and refreshable Braille make this product suitable for all. Formerly known as SuperNova Access Suite.

Key Features:

  • Control Panel: Clear, easy to see, easy to learn. The SuperNova control panel magnifies beautifully with no pixilation, so it’s always perfectly crisp and easy on the eye.
  • 1.2 to 64 Times Magnification: SuperNova's True Font technology looks beautifully smooth even on the largest displays. Magnify textand images from 1.2 all the way up to 64-times.
  • Touchscreen Magnification: Tablets and touch screen laptop access with SuperNova is effortless. SuperNova also includes a high contrast large print, onscreen keyboard which fits the screen width and lets you see what you’re typing.
  • Colour and Visual Highlighting: Choose from 24 carefully designed colour schemes each designed to reduce glare and maximise your comfort while reading.
  • Multiple Monitor Support: Get more done with multiple monitors. Magnify on one, two or as many displays as required. Multi-task with each magnified document on separate screens; project presentations original size to sighted audiences keeping speaker notes magnified on your laptop; work closely with a trainer or colleague who can follow a clone of your display, but at regular size.
  • Magnify and Read in Comfort: Line View smoothly scrolls documents and web pages across a single line so you can sit back and enjoy reading without the distraction of screen clutter.
  • Scanand Read Aloud: Scanand read paper documentsand letters; ScreenReader includes inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so you can independently read print documents.
  • Human Sounding Speech: ScreenReader features the high quality, human sounding, Vocalizer Expressive text-to-speech synthesiser to read documents and apps out loud.
  • Screen Reader: Text style information is announced so you can check your documents look great. Fonts, sizes, colours, bold, italic, underline, subscript and superscript changes can all be reported.
  • The Dolphin Cursor: Dolphin Cursor explores the screen and controls the mouse, from the keyboard. Perfect for people who cannot see the screen or find using the mouse difficult.
  • Braille Display Support: Over 50 literary and computer Braille translation tables included for Braille beginners, language students and computer programmers. Also includes the new Unified English Braille Code alongside traditional Grade I Uncontracted and Grade II Contracted codes.
  • Getting Startedand Help: ScreenReader comes with everything you need to get you up and running, right away: Setup wizard, video tutorials, Caps+F1 help and key describe mode.
  • Bookshelfand Launch Pad: Conveniently browse and search millions of best sellers, classics and periodicals directly from ScreenReader's Bookshelf tab. Content from Bookshare and other trusted library partners is made instantly accessible with speech and Braille in the ScreenReader.
  • Connect & View: Connect a camera to your computer and SuperNova Connect & View turns your tablet, laptop or desktop into a lightweight, portable video magnifier; partially sighted students can also connect to and magnify the teacher's interactive whiteboard on their own tablet or laptop.
  • Portable on a Dolphin Pen: Choose SuperNova on a Dolphin Pen and ‘Guest mode’ gives you instant accessibility on the go. Plug your Dolphin Pen into any Windows PC and experience instant access to your favourite SuperNova features, with your personal SuperNova options already pre-set.

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader - Features

SuperNova has been developed for all visually impaired users, from low vision to blind. It is ideal for both individual users, who experience varying or deteriorating eye conditions during a working day or for institutional settings, such as in school or work, that need to provide solutions for visually impaired groups with a range of sight difficulties. Who else can benefit from SuperNova?

Key Benefits

  • SuperNova includes magnification, speech and Braille output to cater for all types of visual impairments.
  • A combined screen reader and magnifier helps to reduce eye strain by allowing users to increase magnification or add speech during the day as eyes become tired.
  • SuperNova includes a full screen magnifier with features such as variable magnification, multiple screen management styles and a variety of colour replacement options to overcome partial sight impairments.
  • It also includes a full screen reader for people who are blind, which can cope with text and Braille input together with speech and Braille output.
  • SuperNova represents a totally integrated solution, so for the system administrator, having a single combined package avoids compatibility and stability issues and means only a single purchase and a single product to train and support.
  • Works with most popular applications "out of the box", non-standard applications that do not work with can usually be mapped easily.
  • Talks as you type, announcing words or characters so you can check what you write.
  • A single key allows you to read an entire document, email or web page.
  • Fast and accurate multilingual Braille output for text at your fingertips*. (Grade 1 & 2 computer or literary Braille supported).
  • Access complex websites with ease by choosing to list links, headings or frames.
  • Read image labels, font styles, Windows menus and icons for easy navigation.
  • Customise the speed and volume of the voice and control the level of detail and punctuation that is spoken or sent to Braille.
  • Focus highlight and on-screen Braille assists those with residual vision, sighted teachers & helpers.
  • Quality synthesiser included, delivering clear speech and intelligent pronunciation even at high speeds.
  • Automatic software updates via the Internet ensure you always use the latest version.
  • Includes SAM (Synthesiser Access Manager) for easy support of third-party synths and Braille displays.
  • Runs on many operating systems, network installations, Terminal Server and Citrix support.
  • Magnification from the point of logon and choice of magnification style with options such as split screen, whole screen and window to suit your needs.
  • Highly magnified objects and text are smoothed to remove pixelation and preserve readability.
  • Multiple focus highlighting options - for clearer identification of cursor, mouse pointer, line, focus.
  • Always stay in focus with automatic tracking of the mouse and keyboard presses.
  • True multi language support, choice of over 20 languages and different synthesiser languages included as standard.
  • Compatible with a range of digital CCTVs such as Optelec, Clearnote & LVI MLS Student.
  • Customise colour schemes on screen to meet your sight requirements and replace problem colours.
  • DocReader for easier viewing of long documents.
  • Choice of control panel for accessing features and functions and user selectable range of hotkey shortcuts provide ease of use and requires minimal training.

* Many Braille display devices supported.



  • Magnification from 2x to 60x
  • Fractional Magnification
  • Text & Image Smoothing
  • 7 Magnifier Views
  • Change Colour and Thickness of Magnifier View Border
  • Line View
  • Doc Reader
  • Hooked Areas
  • Panning

Advanced Magnifier

  • Magnification at Logon
  • Overview Mode
  • Margin Release
  • Advanced Mouse, Cursor, Focus Tracking Options Visual
  • 23 Preset Colour Schemes or Create your Own
  • Colour Replacement
  • Highlighting Options (Mouse, Cursor, Focus, Read From Here, Dolphin Cursor)
  • Large High Contrast Mouse Pointers


  • High Quality Human Voices Included
  • Choice of Character Echo, Word echo etc.
  • Adjust voice speed and volume
  • Text Style Announcements
  • Announce Text Under Mouse
  • Click and Read From Here
  • Speech when Form Filling on webpages
  • Speech at Logon

Screen Reader

  • Dolphin Cursor
  • Quick Navigation Keys
  • Item Finder
  • Preset Verbosity Schemes
  • Create Bespoke Verbosity Settings


  • Supports a wide range of Serial, USB & Bluetooth Braille Displays
  • Computer & Literary Braille, Grades 1 & 2
  • Supports Physical & Logical Braille
  • Literary Braille input
  • Braille Verbosity Schemes
  • Show Braille on Screen


  • Fully accessible control panel
  • Application Settings
  • Situation Settings
  • Setup Wizard
  • Updates available via the Internet
  • Supports Dolphin Scripts
  • Application Sensitive Dolphin Help

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SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader - System Requirements

System Requirements

SuperNova OS Compatibility

  • Can be installed on wide and local area networks
  • Windows Vista 64-bit client editions
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows XP Home (with Service Pack 2 or later)
  • Windows XP Pro (with Service Pack 2 or later)

NOTE: For Vista (all editions), you should have at least Service Pack 1 installed. We recommend using the latest Dolphin software version that is available in your language. However; 32-bit editions of Windows Vista are supported from version 8 onwards, Windows 2000 is supported up to version 7.03

Recommended System Requirements for SuperNova

The hardware requirements shown below are to be used as guidelines only. The actual performance of your PC will vary according to the application software, memory, sound and video hardware that you use.

Recommended hardware requirement

The computer equipment you intend to use needs to conform to the Microsoft hardware compatibility list for the operating system you intend to use.

The recommended Vista PC* specification for SuperNova

  • Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1Ghz, or Intel Pentium D Processor 925 3.0Ghz, or Intel Centrino Duo Mobile 1.66, or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+, or equivalent or higher.
  • Memory - 1Gb or higher
  • Graphics card - "add in" AGP or PCI Express or PCI card with 256 MB memory or higher.
  • Sound card - "on-board" or "add in".
  • Hard disk - 500 MB of free space, if multiple Text To Speech (TTS) engines are to be installed then more free space will be required
  • Internet connection

* Please note that the 64-bit client editions of Windows Vista will require a higher specification.

The recommended XP PC specification for SuperNova is:

  • Processor Intel P3 750 Mhz or AMD Athlon 750 or higher
  • Memory 512 MB or higher
  • Graphics card AGP "add in" card with 8 MB memory or higher (not on board)
  • Sound card Sound Blaster 1024 or equivalent (not on board)
  • Hard disk 125 MB of free space
  • Internet connection

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