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Tools for creating professional-quality graphics such as flowcharts, organisational charts, floor plans and presentations including integration with Microsoft Office.

SmartDraw is a visual processor that automates the creation of visual assets. Just as the word processor helps makes it possible to create beautifully formatted written documentation, the visual processor helps makes it possible to create presentation-quality visuals. Before the visual processor, visuals had to be created manually with complex graphics software. Even for experts, producing a visual like a flowchart was time consuming and the results were often not presentation-quality. SmartDraw automates the creation of visuals making it easier for almost anyone to do it.

Key Features:

  • NEW: Hundreds of New Infographic and Presentation Templates
  • NEW: Powerful New Features for CAD and Floor Plans
  • NEW: Visio Export and Visio Stencil Import
  • NEW: Improves Electrical, Piping and Other Engineering Diagrams
  • NEW: Administrator Controls for Site Licenses
  • NEW: Introducing SmartDraw G Suite Add-On and SmartDraw WordPress Plugin
  • Detailed Network Diagram Symbols
  • Smart Formatting: SmartDraw's exclusive smart formatting lets anyone create professional-looking charts and diagrams with ease.
  • Smart Templates: SmartDraw includes hundreds of templates so you can start drawing quickly. More than 70 different types of diagrams, charts and other visuals are included. You'll also get hundreds of examples that are fully editable.
  • Smart Integration: SmartDraw integrates easily with tools you already use. With just a click, you can send your drawing directly to Word, Excel, PowerPoint* or Outlook. Or save your drawing to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. SmartDraw Enterprise also fully integrates with Microsoft SharePoint. You can publish a file to your SharePoint server with just one click. You can also browse the SharePoint server and check documents in and out from within SmartDraw
  • Windows, Mac and Online: SmartDraw is the only diagramming software that you can install behind a firewall on a Windows desktop and also run on a Mac and online.
  • Visio Import and Export : SmartDraw is the perfect replacement solution for Visio. You'll be able to edit pages, ungroup symbols, change fill color, resize shapes and continue working on your Visio diagram.

SmartDraw - Features

SmartDraw translates whatever you need to communicate into compelling, professional-quality visuals in minuteseliminating the need for manual drawing. Start by selecting the exact template you need, add your message and SmartDraw does the rest.

Legal & Healthcare Content Now Included

In addition to hundreds of templates and examples for every type of visual, SmartDraw 2010 also includes all the premium legal and healthcare content that used to only be available in special editions. Now you get it all.
Specialized healthcare content includes more than 150 high-resolution anatomical illustrations from Netter Images, plus thousands of healthcare and medical symbols of all kinds.

Legal content includes everything you need to create case plans, courtroom presentations, crime scene diagrams, accident reconstructions and much more.

Eliminating Workplace Problems through More Effective Communication

SmartDraw software enables the average business person to communicate more effectively through visuals. Studies have shown that communication which includes both words and visuals is up to six times more effective than words alone. A flowchart is a more effective tool for explaining a process than a long list of numbered steps; an organizational chart is a more effective tool for communicating the structure of an organization than a page-long written description; and so forth. Most people don't use any kind of visual when they communicate because they think that it's too difficult to do. SmartDraw 2010 automates the tedious tasks that used to make drawing difficult and makes it possible for the average businessperson to communicate complex information and ideas clearly and quickly.

How SmartDraw is Different

Before SmartDraw, the only option for adding visuals to business communication was to use manual drawing software like Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Visio, which are designed strictly for experts. Illustrator is used by graphic arts professionals and Visio is used by less than 5% of Microsoft Office users, mainly IT professionals. There was no solution for ordinary users. As a result, very few organizations currently take advantage of the 6X power of visual communication. SmartDraw is the only software that makes it possible for the average business person to create their own presentation-quality visuals in minutes. It does this in three unique ways.

SmartDraw is:

  • Automated. Instead of forcing you to draw visuals manually, SmartDraw draws and formats the visual for you, ensuring a professional result every time. You can even use the keyboard to compose your visual.
  • Comprehensive. SmartDraw is the only software that allows you to create every kind of visualmore than 70 different typesincluding flowcharts, timelines, org charts, mind maps, floor plans, marketing charts and more.
  • Integrated. SmartDraw works seamlessly with Microsoft Office like no other software. One click is all it takes to transfer your visual to Word or PowerPoint. Easily import chart data from Excel. Share project management data with Microsoft Project users. Build entire PowerPoint presentations with a single click. SmartDraw supports SharePoint and can even import Visio files.

Ways to Solve Communication Problems, Prevent Errors, and Save both Time and Money with SmartDraw

  • Establish and document better business processes with flowcharts. When you define a process for a task you can improve it, train anyone to do it and ensure a high quality outcome every time.
  • Manage projects more effectively using mind maps, project charts, and timelines. When you plan a project with a mind map it is easier to define all of the tasks.
  • Establish chains of command and assign responsibility with an organization chart. Building an organization chart with clear lines of command and responsibilities makes it easy to communicate this information and avoids finger pointing.
  • Create career-making presentations that go beyond boring bullets. Memorable presentations need to go beyond bullet after bullet. Use SmartDraw to incorporate visuals in your PowerPoint slides, or even to compose and build your entire presentations using the Storyboard feature.
  • Define strategic plans that can be clearly understood and implemented by the entire organization. The best strategy cannot succeed if the people responsible for implementing it dont understand it. Visuals make any business plan easier to communicate.
  • Clearly illustrate specifications with a visual blueprint. Showing what needs to be done instead of just explaining it verbally is the simplest way to avoid those whoops errors when building products and systems.

New Features in Version 2010

SmartDraw 2010's improvements are aimed at helping business people do the following:
  • Eliminate Poorly Defined Projects Projects often run late for several reasons; not having all of the actual work identified properly at the beginning of the project is one of the most common reasons. SmartDraw 2010 helps prevent this problem by giving users the ability to begin a project as a mind map which they can use to identify all of their tasks, and then seamlessly transition from a mind map to a project chart that can be used for scheduling.
  • Avoid Boring, Ineffective Presentations PowerPoint isn't a great tool for planning or even building a presentation, as evidenced when presenters read individual bullet points word-for-word from their slides. SmartDraw 2010 makes up for PowerPoint's limitations by giving users the ability to properly plan entire presentations with storyboards, sequence their charts and diagrams with animation, and even build full PowerPoint presentations directly from SmartDraw.
  • Keep Larger Projects Under Control Complicated projects that involve a large number of people and tasks often spiral out of control because the people managing them can't properly track progress or manage the details of who's supposed to be working on what. SmartDraw 2010 gives users the ability to keep larger projects under control with smarter, more flexible project charts; users can hide and expand groups of tasks to avoid information overload, track progress more clearly, view projects as a timeline, and more.
  • Prevent Botched Jobs Botched jobs occur when people are unclear about who is responsible for what, when the technical details of a job are not well-understood, or when employees have not been properly trained to do their work. SmartDraw 2010 can help prevent botched jobs by giving everyone in the organization the ability to communicate work details, responsibilities, and anything else effectively using visuals. Users can embed all of their visuals into any Microsoft Office document, share their work with Microsoft SharePoint integration, or even import Microsoft Visio documents directly into SmartDraw.

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SmartDraw - System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, XP or 2000
  • 256MB RAM
  • 3GB free hard disk space

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