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Ready API

Ready API

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An API quality platform that accelerates functional, security, and load testing right inside your CI/CD pipeline.

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Key Features:

Platform Features: The ReadyAPIplatform accelerates functional, security, and load testing of RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL and other web services right inside your CI/CD pipeline. Explore all of the platform-wide features.

API Testing Features: ReadyAPI has a long list of comprehensive capabilities built specifically for testing REST, GraphQL, SOAP, JMS, and JDBC services. With native integrations for the most popular tooling around the DevOps ecosystem, you can work ReadyAPI's powerful feature set right into your CI/CD pipeline.

API PerformanceFeatures: Powerful and intuitive capabilities to help you deliver scalable APIs

API Virtualization Features: Powerful service virtualization and test data management capabilities for an affordable price Main Benefits teams and enterprises have seen since making the switch to ReadyAPI

Main Benefits teams and enterprises have seen since making the switch to ReadyAPI

1) Easy & Flexible Test Creation & Execution

ReadyAPIis built to satisfy a wide range of technical experience and comfortability. The visual editors and wizardsmake testing abreeze for junior testers and senior developers alike. Thousands have seen the tangible time savings in simplified onboarding and testing when they got started quickly by:

  • Importing an API Definition (Like OAS or WSDLs)
  • Hitting just an Endpoint
  • Recording live API traffic
  • Importing endpoints from your API management tool
  • Javascript and Groovy scripting for more advanced functions

2) Start Testing APIs Continuously

Your CI process is critical to delivering changes to your APIs on time. Kick off your entire API testing suite with each commit, running tests on local environments, Docker containers, or other distributed staging environments.

  • Native integrations with Jenkins, Maven, TeamCity, and other API lifecycle tools
  • Command line and Java libraries provide wide CI support
  • Simplifies regression testing

3) Work Better Together As A Team

ReadyAPI empowers software teams with the ability to share testing projects and artifacts, report issues directly from the testing IDE, and share licenses between other team members.

  • Composite projects
  • Git / JIRA integration
  • Floating licenses

4) Put Data Front and Center

ReadyAPI provides powerful data-driven testing capabilities to save you time and check for numerous real world conditions at the same time.

  • Data as input to yourAPI calls
  • Validation based on real-time data
  • Correlation of data between steps
  • Dynamically generated data

5) Supports Multiple Specifications, Schemas, and Protocols

Everything from legacy SOAP services, to microservices powered by Apache Kafka and mainstream REST services, to cutting-edge IoT use cases leveraging MQTT. Expand your testing capabilities as ReadyAPI enables you to:

  • Instantly import APIs from specifications and schemas
  • Extensively test and virtualize the most popular API protocols

6) Multiple Capabilities in One Platform

Create, manage, and execute functional security, and performance tests in one centralized interface. Easily virtualize web services to remove pipeline dependencies.

  • API Functional & Security Testing
  • API Performance Testing
  • API & Web Virtualization

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