PDF IFilter


Tool for indexing a large amount of PDF documents and initiating searches built on the Microsoft IFilter indexing interface. Extract the contents, properties and bookmarks from PDF documents, returning the results to search engine software.

Foxit’s PDF IFilter provides indexing allowing users to index a large amount of PDF documents and then quickly find desired documents by specifying search criteria. Built on Microsoft’s IFilter indexing interface, Foxit PDF IFilter extracts data from PDF documents and returns the index results to search engine software. It goes beyond Adobe and indexes PDF content, titles, subjects, authors, keywords, PDF portfolios, annotations, text and data from forms (both standard PDF and XFA forms), bookmarks, attachments, create time/date, number of pages and the names of the creating applications. This results in more precise search results. PDF documents can be rapidly searched on the desktop, a corporate server, or via the Web through keywords. These PDF documents can be files, email attachments, or database records.

Key Features:

  • Optimised index capability: Super-fast indexing allows users to search more documents in less time. Unique memory management supports multi-threading and takes full use of multi-core/multi-CPU servers.
  • Support indexing of ISO 32000 PDF, (PDF 1.7), PDF-A, PDF portfolios and Adobe PDF files: Support the PDF documents that you currently have.
  • Index PDF Documents: Find PDF documents by indexing PDFs’ content.
  • Index PDF Forms: Find standard PDF and XFA forms by indexing PDF form text and data.
  • Index PDF attributes: Find PDF documents by indexing PDFs’ titles, authors, subjects, keywords, etc.
  • Index PDF annotations, bookmarks and attachments: Find PDF documents by indexing annotation, bookmark and attachment information.
  • Configuration settings and logging support: Enhance the user experience and notify developers should an error occur.
  • A 64-bit version: Increased performance – takes advantage of leading server architectures.
  • Multi-language support – including right-to-left languages: Support your worldwide user base.
  • Compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, Windows Indexing Server: Compatible with your existing environment.