LogMeIn Rescue


Whether you’re providing technical support to your employees, your customers, or both, you need a remote support solution that’s fast, reliable, flexible, easy to deploy, and easy to use. LogMeIn Rescue was developed by support technicians, for support technicians, with these critical capabilities in mind.

Key Features: 

– Rescue’s powerful infrastructure lets technicians connect to any device in seconds. Technicians can then chat with customers and remotely control their PC, Mac or mobile device for fast resolution.

LOGMEIN RESCUE IS ENTERPRISE-GRADE – All sessions run over a 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection, with access granted via secure pin or link. End-users must permit a technician to use each function. When the session is over, Rescue automatically uninstalls the small file that enables connection.

LOGMEIN RESCUE IS RELIABLE – LogMeIn’s enterprise-ready cloud platform is built with the reliability professionals require. Hosted in multiple LogMeIn datacenters, enabling failover where needed, Rescue has continuously delivered 99.99+% uptime.

LOGMEIN RESCUE IS FLEXIBLE – With just one tool, technicians can resolve simple and complex issues across multiple platforms – PC’s, Mac’s, and mobile devices. And with its new video-streaming capability, agents can now support virtually any product.

LOGMEIN RESCUE IS EASY TO DEPLOY – Because Rescue is SaaS-based, LogMeIn takes care of deployment and maintenance. By providing a truly online solution, with no hardware, infrastructure, or software to maintain, deployment is fast and easy. You can bring new technicians on with the flip of a switch and quickly expand from 1 to 25,000 licenses or more with ease.

LOGMEIN RESCUE IS EASY TO USE – Rescue’s interface puts everything a technician needs at the forefront. Agents can transfer files, perform diagnostics and take control with just one click. And, with multiple ways to initiate a support session and communicate during it, Rescue is easy on your end users, too