ActivePerl Pro Studio


Professional Perl tools Komodo, Perl Dev Kit and Safari Bookshelf.

ActivePerl Pro Studio is everything a Perl programmer needs in one convenient package, delivering professional Perl tools Komodo IDE and Perl Dev Kit (PDK). Bonus: your subscription also includes access to Safari Books Online until March 1, 2017. The software licenses are permanent and while your subscription is current, you get access to all updates and upgrades,and email technical support. For a limited time it includes a subscription to Safari Books Online (Safari account expires March 2017).

Note:Pro Studio licenses do not include an ActivePerl language distribution, you will need to purchase this separately.

Key Features:

  • Perl Dev Kit: Turn your Perl programs into ready-to-run executables for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and AIX. Generate executables for non-native platforms. Run a set of coding policies against your source code to ensure your code conforms. Painlessly debug Perl scripts. Generate code for sophisticated filters or convert useful VBScript code to Perl. Plus create .NET and ActiveX components, Windows services and system tray applications, all written in Perl. Learn more about Perl Dev Kit
  • Komodo IDE: ActiveState’s Komodo IDE is the professional IDE for Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Go, web development and more! With multi-language features, sharing and productivity tools, friendly multi-platform and user-based permanent licensing, an open source foundation, excellent technical support, an active user community and ease of customisation and extensibility, Komodo IDE is designed for small and diverse developer teams
  • ActivePerl: Please note that the use of the ActivePerl language distribution is NOT included with the ActivePerl Pro Studio bundle. Technical support for ActivePerl is available through ActivePerl Business Edition and Enterprise Edition