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Terminal emulation connection to enterprise hosts.
Open Text HostExplorer is terminal emulation software that enables corporations to protect legacy data whilst using the latest desktop and web-based technologies. It can be deployed as a traditional PC-to-host emulator or as a web-to-host emulation product via a browser using TN3270E, TN5250E and Telnet (VT) applications.

Key Features

  • Integrated Web-to-Host: migrate to a web-based product without risks or additional training
  • Migration and Macro Conversion: switch from Attachmate Extra!, Micro Focus Rumba and IBM PComm
  • Security: support common protocols including SSH2, SSL and Kerberos
  • Protocol and Compliance: compliance with TN3270E, TN5250E and VT. Validated for FIPS 140-2.

OpenText HostExplorer - Features

Key features Version 14

  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Citrix Ready
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated

Supported protocols

  • TN3270(E) support RFC2355 RFC1646
  • TN5250(E) support RFC1205
  • VT 52 to 420 Support (including ANSI and SCO-ANSI)

Emulation features

  • Native 64-bit support for Microsoft Windows x64 family and Windows 7
  • 3270, 5250, and VT printing and file transfer support
  • Support for multiple code pages (Euro ready)
  • Macro engine recording, editing, and playback
  • Integrated Open Text HostExplorer FTP

Terminal settings

  • Ability to open the terminal in Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, or as a separate application
  • Configurable terminal colors, keyboard, fonts, events, and printing options Profiling support display & printing sessions, file transfer, color, keyboard, hotspots, events
  • Customizable menus, toolbars, track menu, and mouse actions


  • Web-based or desktop-based deployment capability
  • Support for multiple profile locations
  • Support for LDAP corporate directories
  • Integrated tool to customize MSI packages (SMS compatible)
  • Integrated metering and license reporting tool


  • Support for SSL v2/3 & TLS and Kerberos v4/5
  • Secure Shell 2 support through the optional Open Text Secure Shell
  • HTTP/HTTPS data proxy for secured Web access
  • Integrated SOCKS support for secure firewall traversal


  • Quick and easy migration from:
    • Attachmate Extra!
    • Microfocus Rumba
    • IBM PCom

  • Migrate settings from other emulation software:
    • Profiles - Colors - Keyboards
    • Toolbars - Printing - Hotspots
    • File Transfer - 16 / 32-bit HLLAPI support
    • Automatic macro conversation

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OpenText HostExplorer - System Requirements

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003

Deployment Server:

  • any Web server on any operating system. Browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and third-party java-enabled browser


  • Windows Server 2008/2003 Terminal Services, or Citrix XenApp for Windows platforms

Minimum CPU requirements: Pentium 4

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