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Brava! Enterprise

Brava! Enterprise
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OpenText Brava! is the secure viewer which provides access to content in virtually any format, on any device, without allowing the source file to be edited.
OpenText Brava! Enterprise

OpenText Brava! Enterprise provides the same capabilities as the desktop version to view and collaborate on virtually any type of file with the main difference that its browser-based for device independence. OpenText Brava! Enterprise integrates with business applications to support document workflow and collaboration across the organization. It features functionality to view, secure, annotate and redact all supported formats and 2D/3D CAD.

Key Features

  • Universal file viewer: View and collaborate on practically any file.
  • High-fidelity vector viewing: See crisp detail in CAD drawings and sharp text at any zoom level.
  • Customizable: Customize the UI so users focus on just the features that are needed.
  • Changemark notes: Step through comments, ensuring no changes are missed.
  • Easy-to-use redaction tools: Completely remove sensitive data from documents.
  • Document comparison: View two versions of any file type side by side or in an overlay view.
  • Drag-and-drop merging: Create new documents by merging files of any format.
  • CAD tools: Count items on drawings and aggregate areas of flooring or other materials for purchasing decisions.
  • Secure publishing: Publish files to TIFF, PDF, or secure Content Sealed Format (CSF) with persistent file security, including password protection and an expiration date.
  • Rotate and zoom: Interactively rotate the model and zoom into selected areas.
  • Explode assemblies: Explode assemblies at a subassembly or part level or around the model centroid. Interactively select parts to drag away for individual inspection.
  • View cross sections: Slice through a 3D model to create cutaway views and cross sections.
  • Take measurements: Measure distances, edges, arcs and circles. Select geometry by vertex, face, edge and more for accurate, reliable measurements every time.
  • Locate parts: Search for a part name or scroll through the part list. Selecting a part highlights it in the assembly for quick identification.
  • Browse part information: Easily view information about the selected part, including center of mass, volume, surface area and more.
  • Share views: Publish any view as a JPEG image to share or use for future reference

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