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Software tool providing analysis, project management, brainstorming, presentation and task management capabilities.

MindGenius is business mind mapping software that helps you capture, visualise and use the information within your business.

MindGenius was designed specifically to meet business needs and this understanding comes across in every single piece of functionality, all added to assist with the common business processes that you face every day, from gathering ideas to managing projects and tasks or presenting to colleagues or clients.

MindGenius is available in the following editions:

  • Education Edition: Contains educational resources for educators and learners in schools, colleges and universities.
  • Business Edition: Access analysis and task management functionality to add priorities, actions and resources to the mind map. Share results as a map or by exporting to Microsoft Office packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project and to Adobe PDF.

Key Features:

  • New Task Cards: Make branch information more prominent to aid reporting and task management.
  • Automatically Created Project Reports: (Project Summary, Milestone chart, Critical path tasks, Tasks Due, etc.) expose the key project data to keep stakeholders fully informed.
  • New Templates pane provides easier access to Industry templates and resources to help you get started and expand your use of the application.
  • MS Outlook Synchronisation: Helps improve the way meetings are performed and managed.
  • Comment and Review: Function which encourages greater collaboration and the use of maps as a way of working within the team.
  • Resource Levelling: Keep track of resource over and under allocation.
  • SharePoint: MindGenius now supports SharePoint document library check-in / check-out. MindGenius users can now get the benefit of using SharePoint Document libraries check-in/check-out.
  • Export Excel Gantt View: Gantt view now includes an option to export the Gantt view to an Excel spread sheet. Ideal for communicating the status of projects to external Stakeholders or those who do not use MindGenius.
  • Map Layouts: Use different map layouts such as output trees for presentations and affinity diagrams for grouping information post brainstorming depending on the task.
  • Type & Return: The ability to just start typing then hit the return key is simple, unique and the quickest most unobtrusive way to capture information.
  • Question Sets: Unique to MindGenius, they provide a framework for brainstorming, problem solving, strategy, planning, requirements gathering, meetings, customer facing sessions, etc.
  • Map Explorer: The Map explorer is unique to MindGenius and facilitates the navigation of large maps allowing you to move quickly between the high level and detailed views of a project without having to create a series of linked maps.
  • Categories: Predefined category sets allow you to quickly analyse and understand your gathered information.
  • Create Category Map: Advanced analysis, turn your map information inside out by automatically creating an affinity diagram based on the applied map categories.
  • Map Filter: Use filters to create views of your data that bring clarity to situations and clearly identify your priorities.
  • Integrated Gantt View: Project management capability within MindGenius without the need to export to other applications.
  • Import Resources from Outlook: No need to re-enter names and email addresses. Imported resources can then be assigned actions and automatically notified.
  • Create Resource Map: Get clarity on a project and automatically generate personalised task lists by creating an affinity diagram based on the applied resources.
  • Action Filter: See the project status and manage tasks within the map environment.
  • Presentation Mode: Create dynamic slides that automatically update when the map updates.
  • Mobile ApplicationIntegration: Import & Export iThoughts files (iPhone & iPad), Thinking Space files (Android) and OPML files.

MindGenius - Features


How does MindGenius work? The MindGenius Ribbon Interface allows for easy access to the most commonly used features and functionality and allows you to follow a process of working with your information to understand it and turn it into knowledge, before actioning your task or project.

  • Stage 1
    The inception of your project or task.
    The Home Ribbon gives you all of the functionality you need to perform an initial brainstorming, either as an individual or a group.
    Use Type and Return to quickly capture your ideas, Drag and Drop to sort and add structure and Map Explorer to navigate through or focus in on specific areas of your map.
    This tab also contains a timer to help you keep on track in your brainstorming, the Questions panel to prompt ideas and the ability to change the layout of your map to suit whichever type of task you are working on.
  • Insert
    The Insert Ribbon allows you to build on your initial ideas by adding multiple file formats to branches such as PDFs, web links, Excel spreadsheets or Word documents, meaning you can gather all of the required information for a project into the one map. This is also where you can start to personalise your map, or give extra focus to ideas by adding pictures, floating text or mental connections. Format Continue to personalise your map by editing the style, typeface, adding boundaries our outlines to give ideas prominence.
  • Format
    Continue to personalise your map or prepare for presentations by editing the map style, branch styles, adding boundaries and more.
  • Analyze
    Now you can start to build on your understanding of your map and turn your collection of ideas into knowledge. Add Categories to see at a glance which ideas are linked, filter to get a different view on your data, and create Category Centric maps that give you a completely different perspective, enhances analysis and facilitates breakthrough.
  • Tasks
    You can add resources, timings, priorities and prepare actions to be exported to MS Outlook on this tab. You can also sort and filter your data to keep on top of who needs to do what. This all adds up to easier task management.
  • Export
    Now you understand your tasks and have outlined how you are going to undertake your project, it's time to share your thinking. You can either do this via a map, or by exporting to a host of standard business applications such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Project or Excel, or PDF and html.
  • Tools
    This contains all of the extras you would expect, like a spell checker, the ability to review the word count, access to sample maps and templates, and our Help files.

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MindGenius - System Requirements

System Requirements:

MindGenius business
System Requirements: Pentium II 400 megahertz, 256 MB RAM, and 100MB available disk space.
Operating System(s): WinXP Home and Pro, 2000, 98/Me

MindGenius education
System Requirements: Pentium II 400 megahertz, 256 MB RAM, and 100MB available disk space.
Operating System(s): WinXP Home and Pro, 2000, 98/Me

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