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iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite

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Fully-stocked e-Learning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint

iSpring Suiteis a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that can be used tocreate great e-Learning courses with audio and video narrations, quizzes, interactions, dialog simulations, screen recordings and many more converted in the combined Flash &HTML5 format. iSpring Suite produces high-quality Flash and HTML5 content that preserves every aspect of your initial PowerPoint presentation, even the newfeatures of PowerPoint 2013 and trigger animations. It converts animations andtransition effects, images and videos.

Key Features:

  • Rapid development of PowerPoint-based courses: Turn your PowerPoint slides into professional training courses with tests, video narrations, screencasts, interactive elements and much more
  • Courses play on any device: iSpring Suite allows you to create educational materials in Flash and HTML5 formats, which play perfectly on any device
  • Insert audio and video narrations: Share your knowledge of the course material with audio and/or video narrations, which you can perfectly synchronise with your slides
  • Built-in character library: Create a narrative course with a human face. iSpring Suite includes a wide collection of characters of different ages and professions shown in different poses. Simply select the appropriate character from the library and paste it into your course
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your training with quizzes and surveys: Evaluate students' level of knowledge and check the performance of your courses with interactive tests and surveys
  • Create training screencasts: Record training videos in iSpring Suite fast and easy with the integrated iSpring Cam and add them to your course
  • Train communication skills using simulated dialogs: Put your course takers in realistic working situations to help them practice their communication skills with clients and associates
  • Add stunning interactions: Discover new ways to make your courses exciting and unusual present learning materials in the form of engaging interactions: Book, Timeline, Directory or FAQ
  • Enhance your course with rich media: Add a variety of media files to your course from your computer or that youve found on the Internet. They will help you better describe the topic of the course and make learning incredibly fascinating
  • Configure the course player: To maximise your users comfort while studying, add a player with convenient navigation and, if necessary, adjust the configuration of all of its panels, buttons and labels
  • Fast course publishing: iSpring Suite converts your course to HTML5, Flash or MP4 format, so you can share it over the Internet or a learning management system
  • Free Play Mobile App: iSpring Play is a free mobile app that allows learners to access your content anytime, anywhere, even with no Internet connection