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ESET Endpoint Encryption

ESET Endpoint Encryption

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An encryption application with full remote control of endpoint policy and shared encryption keys to protect files and data across devices, meeting the compliance standards of regulations like GDPR and SOX.

An encryption application with full remote control of endpoint policy and shared encryption keys to protect files and data across devices, meeting the compliance standards of regulations like GDPR and SOX.

Manage devices anywhere
ESET Endpoint Encryption can manage devices anywhere in the world without requiring VPNs nor any firewall exceptions. Management is handled by utilizing HTTPS internet connectivity making it extremely simple for businesses of any size to install and setup.

Zero impact on productivity
The implementation of encryption is completely transparent for the users and requires no action on their part. There is no extra overhead for IT departments and no need for user training.

Fast, seamless deployment
Server installation of ESET Endpoint Encryption usually takes less than 10 minutes, with complete setup of the solution under one hour.

Key Features

Pro Edition:
  • Full disk encryption
  • Removable media encryption
  • "Go" portable encryption
  • File & folder encryption
  • Outlook plugin for email & attachments
  • Text & clipboard encryption
  • Virtual disks & encrypted archives
  • Centralised management compatible

ESET Endpoint Encryption - Features

DESlock Essential features:

  • File and folder encryption: Encrypt only files and folders you want. All files moved to encrypted folder are encrypted immediately.
  • Mail encryption: Transparent email encryption for Outlook through a dedicated plugin. The email can be decrypted only by recipients who share the same key as sender Text and clipboard encryption works with any e-mail client, including webmail.
  • Text and Clipboard Encryption: DESlock works with most text based applications, encrypting and decrypting directly into the active window or via the Windows Clipboard.
  • Virtual Disks and Compressed Archives: Ideal for backing up or securely transferring multiple files and folders via any method including CD, DVD and FTP.
  • Encryption Key Management: Add or remove any or all encryption keys. Change the encryption policy remotely and silently, without user interaction.
  • Centralised Management: Manage any user or workstation with a standard internet connection. Secure connectivity allows control of endpoint encryption keys, security policy and software features beyond the corporate security boundary.
  • Enterprise Server Proxy: By using the Enterprise Proxy as an intermediary, all connections from client and server are outgoing. All information is encrypted with either RSA or AES and the connection itself is SSL encrypted.

DESlock Standard features:

  • Includes all DESlock Essential features
  • Removable media encryption: DESlock can protect USB sticks and other removable media with full disk or file level encryption. Full integration with key management system ensures fast, silent operation.
  • DESlock Go Portable Encryption: DESlock Go is an on-device application which runs straight from the USB stick, needs no install and, with the right password allows the user to edit, read and write encrypted documents on any PC.

DESlock Pro features:

  • Includes all DESlock Essential features
  • Full disk encryption: Transparent pre-boot security using FIPS 140-2 validated, 256 bit AES Encryption. Full remote management, creation and removal of user accounts and user password recovery.


ESET Endpoint Encryption - System Requirements

Client & Server Side:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 8.1*, 7, Vista, XP SP 3, Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 – 2012. 
  • Mobile Platforms:iOs

Certifications, algorithms & standards: 

  • Certifications :FIPS 140-2 level 1.
  • Algorithms & standards: AES 256 bit, AES 128 bit, SHA 256 bit, SHA1 160 bit, RSA 1024 bit, Triple DES 112 bit, Blowfish 128 bit

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