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A-PDF Watermark

A-PDF Watermark

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A-PDF Watermark is a fast desktop utility program that lets you batch add image and text watermarks to Acrobat PDF documents.

A-PDF Watermark is a fast desktop utility program that lets you batch add image and text watermarks to Acrobat PDF documents. You can create watermarks with file names, company logos, signatures and product pictures, etc. Another convenient features are print directly and hot directory monitor.

A-PDF Watermark support show watermark only when printing PDF document and hide when viewing.

Key Features:

  • Protect your copyrights using visible watermarks: Use company logo, your name or web address as watermark to protect your PDF files.
  • Add stamp to your PDF files: You can add stamps of date, time, page number, author and filename to PDF pages.
  • Label PDF file status: What status of your PDFs, draft, approved, final or confidential? Using A-PDF Watermark, you can label them easily.
  • 5 types of watermark
    • Text - supports macro, such as date, time etc.
    • Image - supports various image formats.
    • PDF - supports one page or multi-page PDF files.
    • Sharp - supports line, rectangle and circle.
    • Dynamic Datetime - supports dynamic date/time changed when open.
  • Print without saving: You can add watermarks to PDF files only at print time, instead of saving then print them. Supports watermark and print a range of pages
  • Create watermark only show for printing: Add a "Print Only" Watermark to PDFs, watermark only show when actually printed.
  • Work with Hot Directory: You can set up a monitored directory, where all files written to that directory will be added watermark as they are saved. The original files can also be moved to a backup directory. All of the operations will be recorded in log files. Using /H parameter, you can start the software with hot directory mode.
  • Support for FTP transfers or e-mail watermarked PDF: A-PDF Watermark can ftp transfers or e-mail your watermarked PDF directly.
  • Powerful watermark setting
  • Save Your Time: Using pre-made watermarks or those created by yourself, you can batch apply watermarks to a group of PDF files at one time.
  • A-PDF Watermark Command: A-PDF Watermark Command line (PWMCMD.exe) can be used as a Windows console utility that silent add watermark\stamp to the PDF file .


AntiSpy Enterprise - Features

Omniquad AntiSpy is a enterprise solution that detects and eliminates spyware from your network. It is designed for effortless remote deployment/administration and provides safe and effective protection against all types of Spyware (including Ad-ware, Mal-ware, spy tools and key loggers). The network administrator can instantly get a complete overview of Spyware affected workstations and take immediate action.

Features include:

  • Centralized Management Omniquad AntiSpy Enterprise is integrated within the Omniquad Enterprise Manager framework; and leverages the software's ability to stringently enforce corporate security policies and manage networks of any size. Spyware detection and removal can be easily administered through a centralized management console, from anywhere on your network
  • Automated Client Deployment The network administrator can login to the admin console and automatically deploy the client component across the network. This will then enable you to schedule scans, define scan actions and distribute the policy set to all required workstations. All AntiSpy scan policies you set are applied immediately without the need to reboot or any end user intervention
  • Powerful Detection Database The AntiSpy Spyware database includes about a 1000 spyware and detects around 40,000 spyware components to date. The various Spyware types detected range from adware, browser hijackers, browser helper objects, bundled software, commercial keyloggers, diallers, generic malware, loyalty ware, Remote administration tools(RATs), Tracking cookies, Password Hijackers, Remote monitoring tools and Surveillance software to more malicious types such as Trojans, Viruses, Worms, email flooders, Backdoors and annoyance tools
  • Real-Time Scan Activate real-time spyware protection on all your workstations. The AntiSpy real-time scan is a constant memory scan that blocks and terminates spyware programs if they have started or about to start on your workstations. You can view the real-time scan statistics from the AntiSpy Enterprise management console installed anywhere
  • Customized Policy Enforcement Workstation/user and group specific scan policies can be configured to suit the different work timings and Internet usage of your network users
    • Schedule Quick/Smart or Full scans
    • Run scanondemand to execute immediate scans on any remote workstation whenever you need it
    • White-list to exclude user-defined Spyware from the detection database
  • ActiveX Blocklist AntiSpy pre-emptively blocks spyware using its ActiveX Block list functionality. This powerful active shield does not even let your browser prompt you to allow/block a spyware that is trying to install itself. The default blocking is ON with no user intervention warranted and can be customized to suit user preferences
  • Advanced Protection Protect your network from potential spyware threats using the Advanced Protection features for your browsers.
    • Home Page Hijack Protection
    • Pop Up Blocker
  • Automatic Definition Updates The AntiSpy Spyware detection database is constantly updated to provide effective protection against new spyware threats. Definition updates are released daily so you have the most recent and updated Spyware protection. Download of latest signatures to the server and their distribution to client workstations is fully automatic
  • Comprehensive Scan Reports AntiSpy scan reports detailing Spyware detected and cleaned are stored on the server and can be reviewed through the admin console reporting interface.
Additional features include:
  • Integrated Cookie Killer
  • Spyware Whitelist
  • Quick/Smart/Full Scans
  • Real-Time Scan
  • Homepage Hijack Protection
  • Pop-Up Blocker
  • On-Demand/Scheduled Scan
  • Scan Progress Viewer
  • Automatic Definition Updates
  • Daily Signature Updates

MDaemon AntiVirus - System Requirements

System Requirements

  • Computer with Pentium III 500 MHz (or higher) processor (Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or higher recommended)
  • 512 MB of memory (1 GB recommended)
  • Typical Hard disk space required: 100MB, additional space for any mail to be stored
  • MDaemon 9.5 or higher
  • TCP/IP network protocol installed
  • Internet or Intranet communication capabilities.

Note: Your SecurityPlus user license size must be equal to (or greater than) the number of user accounts in your MDaemon server. Attempts to use a lower SecurityPlus license size compared to the number of MDaemon users will cause SecurityPlus to cease functioning.

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