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dbForge Studio for SQL Server

dbForge Studio for SQL Server
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New set of SQL Server tools for database developers and administrators.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a powerful IDE for SQL Server management, administration, development, data reporting and analysis. The tool will help SQL developers to perform complex database changes, version-control database changes in popular source control systems and speed up routine tasks. You don't need to waste your time to search for and purchase SSMS plugins across the internet to get your work done.

Key Features:

  • Easily manage editing, copying, attaching, detaching, backing up and restoring databases from one server to another
  • Generate scheduled database scripts with data through command line
  • Boost SQL coding in a convenient scripting environment
  • Analyse and improve T-SQL code quality
  • Design tables and rebuild them without losing data
  • Compare databases, synchronise schemas and data
  • Link database to source control
  • Tackle object dependencies when modifying database with complex structure
  • Automate deployment of a database to the production server
  • Create reports on data and automate data report delivery
  • Manage security in databases quickly
  • Develop and manage SQL Azure databases
  • Populate database with generated test data
  • Profile SQL Server events and track T-SQL queries

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