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ApexSQL Code

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A Rapid Application Development (RAD) code generation tool, streamlined specifically for Microsoft SQL Server.
ApexSQL Code is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) code generation tool, streamlined specifically for Microsoft SQL Server, that enables you to automatically generate lines of C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL in a short space of time. It allows to you increase productivity, reduce errors, standardise your code base and automate repetitive coding tasks with template based code generation.


  • SQL 2005 Support
  • New Auto-update feature
  • A template wizard that makes creating templates as easy as following 7 simple steps
  • A template property page for editing templates in place with simple picklists and dialogs
  • XML based templates - allows for template attributes to be embedded directly in the template structure itself.
  • Built in Session and Application variables
  • Programmatic control of file operations and dialogs directly from the template. Files can be output, appended or all file operations can be suppressed if user chooses to use File System Object
  • ApexSQL Code now automatically remembers all of your table, view, sproc, field, parameter and result column selection in between sessions and for a specific database. These selection profiles can be saved, cleared and retrieved
  • Choice of VBScript of JScript for template scripting - handles looping including For Each loops, constructs, error handling, etc. Your ability to create code patterns is virtually unlimited
  • Extensive template library including C#, VB.NET, AsP, VB, SQL and Delphi templates
  • Support for unlimited Include files just like ASP
  • Real Intellisense to navigate ApexSQL Code object Model
  • Default color coded text editor to manage templates currently supports ASP / VBScript, VB, Java / JScript, CSharp and SQL
  • Multiple tables, views and stored procedures can be scripted at once and even in the same template
  • Intelligent variable typing allows you to strongly type all VB variables (i.e. long), always use variants or use variants only for NULLABLE fields in the database
  • Scripting engine allows programmatic access to any COM object installed on user's computer including FileSystemObject
  • Error handling shows exact line of error allowing for easy diagnosis of errors and de-bugging
  • ApexSQL Code object model allows easy extraction of information. Read-Only properties are used to create code patterns but object model also exposes Read-Write properties that can be controlled programmatically
  • Pre-Processing of templates - now various ApexSQL Code settings like language, programming language and output file can be controlled via the template itself
  • Templates can be Parsed for simple scripting mistakes like missing starting or closing tags and version incompatibilities

ApexSQL Code - Features


Group templates for greater processing power

ApexSQL Code projects can be used as a container for multiple template files that have a common purpose and can be executed as one. Projects allow you to create codes using several templates in one click. For example, you can have different templates that each document a specific database object (Tables, Views, etc.) and execute them all using a single project.

Start off with a solid "Base"

Base Classes allow your templates to inherit from an existing framework. From this, you can easily modify it by adding functionality as well as helper methods and properties.

Here is an example:

Method definition in Base Class CSharpTemplate:

Using of Base Class method in CSharpBasicTable template:

Create new templates faster and easier

The template creation wizard is an easy way to create new templates. It will walk you through each step in the template creation process in a systematic and easy to follow manner. The template Wizard has two types of options:
  • Basic allows you to create a basic template with common options
  • Advanced - allows you to add more advanced options like Includes and Assemblies. Options like Base class, Include files, Imported templates etc. are available in Advanced option only.

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Customize input

Custom Properties allow you to customize the generated code and make templates more flexible. This feature allows you to change template state by simply changing the value of the custom property. In ApexSQL Code, custom properties can encapsulate values of different system types. It also allows you create custom property of your own complex type.

ApexSQL Code supports custom editors for Custom Data Types to allow dynamic input of user information, prior to processing a template.

Debug your code You can easily manage compiler options.

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The compiler generates debugging information and places it in the compiled template (compiled .NET assembly). If a runtime error occurs during template processing, the line number that caused the error is displayed in Output panel.

Exploit the Rich Object Model

The object model of ApexSQL Code allows the user to access a large amount of objects, members, and helper functions. The model has three main namespaces:
  • ApexSQL.Code.Design contains classes that can be used to customize editing of properties in UI
  • ApexSQL.Code.Engine - contains classes that allow to interact with ApexSQL Code generation engine
  • ApexSQL.Code.SqlServer - contains classes that allow to discover the schema of SQL Server database

Generate code unattended, nightly, or as part of an automated process

ApexSQL Code offers a powerful console application/command line interface with a large number of switches.

Tap into a large, existing template library

ApexSQL Code offers a large library of pre-written, pre-tested templates that are shipped with the downloadable installation. This library contains a lot of templates written in a variety of languages like VB.NET, C#, SQL, Delphi, and ASP. In addition, the library contains tons of example templates that illustrate common usage examples. For example, it includes practical, real-world templates for documenting your database objects in HTML format, scripting database objects, auditing data changes, templates for NHibernate, and more.

Code with the full featureset and functionality of a commercial editor

ApexSQL Code features a powerful commercial grade code Editor to create, modify, and debug user templates. It includes a variety of convenient and useful editing tools and features.

Save keystrokes, save time through Auto-Replacements

Words that you want to be auto-replaced with more complex text can be entered into Manage Auto-Replacements dialog to allow for automatic transformation when writing templates.

Visually interrogate and get hints, descriptions of the Object Model

IntelliPrompt helps you interrogate Object members. Graphical tooltips provide helpful visual hints and descriptions.

Browse Database Schemas

ApexSQL leverages years of experience with SQL server to create a powerful Schema explorer that exposes SQL server objects (i.e. Tables), sub objects (i.e. Fields) and attributes. Schema selections can be imported, exported, grouped, filtered and more.

Search, download and share templates with others

ApexSQL offers a large virtual community for sharing ApexSQL Code templates.

Users can browse, search and download templates and discuss them on the forum.

Customize file output

ApexSQL Code allows you to manage file output in very convenient way. It has set of options which help to change output directory, specify output file name as well as offers support for custom naming tags.

New Features in version 2008.03

  • Processes multiple related templates into code using Projects
  • Newly designed user interface with much improved usability
  • Addition of many new templates that can be used right out of the box including NHibernate, Documentation, Scripting, CLSA, and more.
  • Creation of an Online Template Library to post, download, and share templates
  • Support for custom datatypes that extend users ability to customize templates

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ApexSQL Code - System Requirements

ApexSQL Code supports ANY language used with SQL server, non languages like Documentation (just text) and SQL itself. ApexSQL Code has built in support for .NET Data Type mapping.

Language syntax definitions exist for the following languages:

  • Visual Basic
  • ASP / VBScript
  • Java / Javascript
  • HTML
  • Pascal
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • C#
  • SQL
  • VBScript
  • XML
  • VB.NET
  • Documentation (all black text)

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