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September 13, 2023

QBS 0 1852


Remote monitoring and management (RMM) technology from N-able just keeps attracting the right kind of attention across the market, with the company t..

September 8, 2023

QBS 0 2382


IT Europa interviewed Dave Stevinson, CEO of QBS, and Eric Vaughan, CEO of GFI Software, delving into their UK partnership, the significance of gen..

September 8, 2023

QBS 0 2189


Whether you're in the market for a professional or enterprise grade remote access solution, VNC Connect from RealVNC targets and improves operational..

September 6, 2023

QBS 0 1947


Channel partners choosing to work with Snow Software can achieve a clear view across their entire cloud and IT estate.Management of multiple applicat..

September 1, 2023

QBS 0 2260


When your documentation goes digital with DocuSign, you'll scale at pace and automate the entire agreements process with electronic signing, search a..

August 30, 2023

QBS 0 2065


QBS has been honoured as one of the top 45 IT distributors in the UK, as recognised by IT Channel Oxygen. This prestigious accolade reflects our un..

August 30, 2023

QBS 0 2199


With Keeper, partners enjoy powerful protection options for their customers' passwords as well as their own credentials, leveraging encrypted securit..

August 23, 2023

QBS 0 2485

For secure end-to-end visibility that's agile, meeting network performance and business objectives at the same time, it's hard to go past a solution ..

August 16, 2023

QBS 0 2704


With CoreView's CoreSuite for managing Microsoft 365 (M365), customers enjoy an intuitive platform that delivers better visibility at pace, even when ..

August 11, 2023

QBS 0 2826


In remote desktop support, a big concern for organisations is always going to be cybersecurity. That's why AnyDesk has been increasingly tackling the ..

August 10, 2023

QBS 0 3583


In the face of economic uncertainty, construction companies must find innovative ways to stay effective and competitive. With rising costs, labour ..

August 9, 2023

QBS 0 2824


Azul Platform Prime aims to take Java applications to new heights, accelerating value and enhancing performance for less cost - that's why QBS partner..
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