Organisations of all sizes weathering an increasingly unpredictable security climate are looking for better ways to protect their endpoints, networks and data -- regardless of risk profile.

According to Stormshield, although many cyber-security solutions are available, not all provide the required level of effectiveness, robustness or confidence, especially when it comes to firewalling for organisations of all sizes and cloud or mobile environments.

"When you choose Stormshield, you’re working with a trusted player to make your business cyber-serene," the company explains.

Partners and customers should prioritise high quality certified, compliant firewalls that combine performance and scalability, such as Stormshield Network Security entry level, mid-range, high-end and special-purpose physical and virtual appliances and administrative tools.

Based on hardened firmware, such firewalls represent a single solution for managing shared security policies, including in constrained environments or where IT/OT convergence is required and supported with an array of services.

Watch a YouTube video about hardening for SNS 4.2, which also includes a way to enforce strengthened IPsec VPN, aligning with IPsec DR rules defined by French security agency ANSSI.

Covering off the angles

In addition, Stormshield Endpoint Security covers weak points at the terminal or server -- including all devices that connect to a company’s core network from desktops, laptops and tablets to smartphones, printers and more.

Today, data and information security has become critical worldwide, with increasingly onerous regulations for organisations to comply with. Stormshield Data Security

To shield yourself from storms, you might typically combine waterproof boots, a raincoat and an umbrella -- a multi-point approach is best.

The same is true in cybersecurity -- Network Security, Endpoint Security and Data Security are all crucial to holding off the ever-increasing diversity of potential threats.