Envisage entire networks - fully assessing performance - with end-to-end visibility from LiveAction. The network performance monitoring (NPM) and management specialist has launched visibility as a service, bolstering key selling points:

  • Confirming network performance via a single source of truth;
  • Ability to slash response and remediation times when solving issues;
  • Strong returns on investment within three years, with payback possible in just 12 months (as confirmed by Forrester);
  • Streamlined report generation including manual-process reduction.


Whether organisations choose LiveNX, LiveWire, ThreatEye or LiveSP for services providers with full support from Orchestra by QBS, they can be sure they're gaining from LiveAction's ongoing enhancement of its portfolio for multi-tenanted environments.

LiveAction delivers visibility as a service (VaaS) for best-in-class monitoring and reporting across the enterprise.

LiveAction VaaS leverages its suite of leading network intelligence products to widen and deepen the view of applications and networks, optimising ops and mean time to resolution (MTTR) of challenges.

Rely on an approach that takes in the continual need to incorporate new tech - from apps to users and points of access.

  • 93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy.
  • 94% plan for software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) in two years.
  • Scale and transformation are now constant requirements - already-complex networks must continue to adapt as needed.
  • Admins today struggle to trouble-shoot and fix network performance, often operating with insufficient visibility.