Today, we're excited to unveil comprehensive cybersecurity resources from Stormshield and GFI. Dive into expert guides designed to fortify your digital defenses. Engage with QBS for in-depth discussions and tailor-made solutions.

Stormshield's Insightful Whitepaper for Local Governments

Stormshield's latest whitepaper targets IT and operational leaders within mid to large-sized municipalities, along with their elected officials. Packed with exclusive interviews, dynamic infographics, and a blend of technical and accessible content, this document addresses the unique cybersecurity challenges local governments face in their digital transformation journeys. It offers insightful solutions and forward-looking strategies to ensure continuous public service excellence.

Download the whitepaper for free and connect with Team QBS for any inquiries regarding Stormshield's robust cybersecurity measures.

GFI’s Five-Step Blueprint to Business Resilience

In today's digital age, a single cyberattack can cripple operations, leak sensitive information, and undermine customer trust. Recognising this, GFI offers a straightforward, easily applicable 5-Step Cybersecurity Action Plan to empower businesses to preemptively tackle these threats.

Discover actionable strategies and consult with Team QBS MSP to equip your clientele with cutting-edge cybersecurity defenses.