In the relentless battle against cyberattacks, companies are rushing to deploy security products, but the alarming success rate of these attacks reveals the limitations of traditional approaches. Complex protection points and inconsistent security policies only compound the problem, leaving businesses vulnerable.

Furthermore, the proliferation of detection solutions floods administrators with intricate logs, making it a formidable challenge to decipher and correlate behavior patterns. This lack of clarity significantly hampers response times, ultimately diminishing the level of protection.

Stormshield's new XDR offering tackles these issues, providing a more robust cybersecurity solution.

XDR Explained: A Threefold Cybersecurity Framework

XDR is a robust cybersecurity solution, streamlining threat detection, analysis, and response.

  • First Feature: Wide-Ranging Detection: XDR employs a vast network of detection sources – from networks to users – ensuring comprehensive monitoring and early abnormal behavior identification.
  • Second Feature: Data Integration and Analysis: It then standardizes and correlates data across these sources, enabling precise identification of significant security incidents.
  • Third Feature: Streamlined Incident Management: Finally, XDR orchestrates efficient response strategies, from real-time alerts to isolating and rectifying affected systems, ensuring a thorough and swift resolution to threats.

The Art of Balancing Proactive and Reactive Strategies in XDR

XDR thrives on a harmonious blend of being both proactive and reactive. Today's cybersecurity landscape sees vendors integrating XDR solutions that excel in incident detection and response. This reactive strategy, however, is just one half of the equation.

The other half is about being proactive: deploying protective measures that shrink the potential attack area before threats even emerge. By embedding these preventative tools within XDR's framework, a synergy is created. This balanced approach not only wards off threats but also prepares systems to elevate their security levels as needed, ensuring long-term resilience.

For XDR to truly shine, it must seamlessly intertwine with your existing systems. This integration facilitates automated data analysis and delivers tailored responses within your infrastructure, making your cybersecurity both intelligent and agile.

Enter Stormshield XDR - Your All-in-One Solution

Unlike its counterparts – EDR (Endpoint), NDR (Network), and FDR (File) – which operate in their own silos, XDR brings these technologies together under a unified command. XDR's strength lies in its ability to pick up on the subtlest signals of a threat, much like a digital detective with a keen eye for the minutest clues.

Stormshield XDR empowers you to proactively manage your cybersecurity landscape. By analysing endpoints, networks, web/email files, and delivering timely alerts, it centralises your incident response efforts across diverse security products.

This solution combines Stormshield Network Security (SNS) for network protection, Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) for securing endpoints, and leverages Stormshield's Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) expertise to anticipate and combat threats. The orchestration is handled by Stormshield Log Supervisor (SLS), ensuring real-time alerts and swift, sustainable responses for both network and endpoints.

Key Benefits:

  • Boost cyber operational productivity while reducing risks.
  • Seamlessly integrate your security solutions, eliminating gaps.
  • Receive instant, actionable alerts for security incidents.
  • Achieve comprehensive infrastructure security.
  • Effortlessly correlate events from your network and endpoint protection solutions.
  • Streamline response and remediation processes.

Discover the Stormshield XDR solution brochure and learn more about the ecosystem of Stormshield technology solutions: Stormshield Log Supervisor (SLS), Stormshield Network Security (SNS), Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES), and Stormshield’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

For a more in-depth approach to XDR, explore Stormshield's whitepaper: "Why will eXtended Detection & Response become the new paradigm in cybersecurity?"


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