Build a scaleable, streamlined approach to sophisticated SMB unified threat management (UTM) from European cybersecurity provider Stormshield - keeping pace with firewall needs as organisations grow.

Stormshield's SN-S Series firewalls for small businesses, branch offices and remote locations mean you can scale up easily from the SN-S-Series-220 for up to 50 users to the SN-S-Series-320 for up to 100 users.

Streamline future expansion across fully distributed locations through Stormshield's modular approach to UTM.

Start with the SN-S Series, then move up to the complementary SN-M-Series-720 for up to 300 users or the SN-M-Series-920, supporting as many as 500 users.

Performance capability in the SN-S Series

Optional power supply redundancy is complemented with a single 1GbE small form-factor pluggable (SFP) fibre port and eight 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) copper interfaces as standard.

Firewall throughput is delivered at 4-8Gbps, for 50 to 100 users.

Rest assured that confidential data handling is optimal - leveraging industry-standard trusted platform module (TPM) chip secrecy, IPsec VPN, intrusion prevention and an integrated microSD port.

Step up swiftly as the organisation grows

Stormshield has designed the next step to be easier than ever with its SN-M Series 720 and SN-M Series 920 firewall models.

Aimed at mid-size companies or large agencies, these are housed in similar cases and boast a scalable software platform, with streamlined licensing upgrades and easy network card swap-outs available.

Not only can you increase network capacity simply by changing or adding network cards, these firewall appliances don't need a server-rack form factor - they can be fit into a smaller telecommunications rack.

The SN-M-Series-720 caters for up to 300 users, boasting 18Gbps throughput, dual power supply, two enhanced small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) fibre ports (10GbE) as standard, a network extension module, copper interfaces (eight x 2.5GbE as standard), and VPN performance of 4Gbps.

The SN-M Series 920 supports more complex architectures with up to 500 users, firewall performance of 36Gbps and faster IPsec VPN of 6Gbps.

Enable business continuity even post-failure

SN-M capabilities that guarantee business continuity in the event of hardware or network failure include redundant power supply and SD-WAN features for the best possible distribution of network flows.

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( Photo by Ryan Quintal on Unsplash )