News of the Venus ransomware gang attacks on internet-facing Windows remote desktop services -- taking advantage of publicly accessible RDP services -- has made unified approaches with the likes of RealVNC and VNC Connect more important than ever.

As Microsoft cloud and datacentre expert Nick Cavalancia explains in a guest post for RealVNC, just using RDP or some other remote access solution exposed to the internet without some additional security controls simply hikes cyber risk.

A disparate set of remote access methods and solutions across an organisation creates business risk. Typically, there is a mishmash of corporate and personal devices, VPNs, remote desktop software, desktop virtualisation, and internally and externally based remote sessions.

Risks include increased cyberthreat, reduced productivity, and increased costs. But by unifying customer organisations' remote access strategy and execution, standardising on a single remote access solution, this triad of organisational risks can be addressed.

Technologies that can help include RealVNC and VNC Connect.

According to Cavalancia, increased cybersecurity risk, reduced productivity and increased costs together require a push towards unification of remote access, with Deloitte statistics suggesting that as many as 63% of organisations have restructured for digital transformation since March 2020.

The state of customer organisations' remote access remains an after-effect of some years of reacting to massive shifts in the way they operate -- especially post-Covid.

What's typically needed is centralised, corporate security team-sanctioned configuration functionality that sets up secure remote access organisation-wide, incorporating flexible role-based access for users, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and security for internal and external connections, usage logging and session recording.

With a unified remote access offering, customers can be in a much stronger position when it comes to managing and reducing the three key business risks of lost productivity, cybersecurity threat, and rising costs.

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( Image by WikiImages from Pixabay )