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Stormshield Network Security: Launching Version 4.7

Stormshield introduces version 4.7 of its Network Security appliances, enhancing protection and performance:

  • Improved VDI Security: User authentication for better security.
  • VPN Performance Boost: Up to 4x throughput increase.
  • Upgraded URL Filtering: Powered by Bitdefender for comprehensive web control.

All you need to do is update your customers' firewalls to version 4.3.24 LTSB, 4.7 or higher.

Get in touch with Team QBS if you have any questions about Stormshield.

Delinea: Download Guide to Endpoint Security Against Cyberattacks 

As endpoints venture outside office boundaries, securing them is crucial. Delinea's guide offers strategies for robust endpoint security, covering:

  • Enterprise Privilege Management: Key roles and strategies.
  • Least Privilege & Application Control: Essential for IT security.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management Integration: Enhance your security ecosystem.
  • Avoiding Least Privilege Pitfalls: Key tactics for success.
  • Effective Processes & Technologies: Foundations for robust security.

Click here to download the guide.