Because traditional privileged access management (PAM)  solutions can be a pain to set up and use, partners are well advised to compare simpler approaches on offer -- including from Delinea, heir of leading Thycotic and Centrify brands.

Today this can be done while covering off the entire privilege management journey, from proactive protection through to incident response. Delinea Privileged Access Management  enables the discovery, management, protection and auditing of access across all privileged accounts -- the most vulnerable attack vector.

It makes sense to 'check your privileges' with technologies that make the task simpler without sacrificing functionality -- either in the cloud or on-prem. With Secret Server, for instance, users can adopt a multi-layered approach that covers off privilege security requirements from endpoints to credentials, delivering protection for every link in the asset chain.

In addition, cloud distribution for IT services providers means partners such as MSPs can also benefit from painless rollouts that enhance PAM protection for customers while enabling seamless access.

How PAM from Delinea helps eliminate threats

Delinea's Discovery capabilities means that users can easily find service accounts across the entire network. Custom script supports the configuration of dependencies, hooks, and integrations as required. The auditing and reporting functions can be scheduled as desired, with alerts set in line with compliance markers and granular policy control across all devices and every team.

Organisations benefiting from Delinea's unique approach to PAM can easily detect suspicious activity with real-time session monitoring and control. Proxying, session recording, and keystroke logging can be exposed with machine learning-powered behaviour analysis.

Secure vaulting and password management is available for privileged accounts across the organisation, including configurable policies as well as protection around automated password changes.

Whether incumbent PAM offerings are complex, bulky and slow or you're simply seeking to accelerate time to value, Delinea may have the solution. Click here for a demo of the flagship tech.

Contact QBS or QBS:MSP to understand the full range of potential benefits for partners.

( Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )