Zero-day vulnerabilities have featured in Patch Tuesday announcements for eleven months in a row this month, making patch and upgrade management more important than ever.

Luckily, partners and customers today can take advantage of modern software tools like Automox that make proactive, efficient patch management a breeze.

In May 2023 alone, 48 vulnerabilities required patching, and two zero-day vulnerabilities emerged enabling Windows privilege elevation and bypassing of secure boot processes.

With Automox, you can cancel the monthly 'fire drill', automating an accelerated response to Patch Tuesday in just 30 seconds that will take care of those future vulnerabilities.

And, as of April, endpoint management with Automox benefits from a brand-new cloud-based console dashboard, expanded remote control functionality for macOS, and a huge catalogue of supported third-party apps.

The new dashboard automatically prioritises and highlights key endpoint management tasks such as configuration challenges, patching of third-party software, or vulnerability remediation, reducing the need to manually pull data or scour reports.

Automate endpoint efficiency

Bulk automated fixes for cross-platform and third-party patches mean endpoints stay up to date and secure, while still retaining granular control for a customised approach.

It's all about making the IT team's job easier - helping maximise productivity and business value whether you're working with and troubleshooting Windows, macOS, or one of twelve Linux distros.

Claw back valuable resources and control the cost of increasingly bloated, complex tech stacks with Automox, with thoughtful automation, centralised cross-platform management, and fully automated third-party patching for hundreds of titles.

With a zero-infrastructure, cloud-native architecture, Automox enables users to rapidly create, automate and customise endpoint management tasks or policies across their environment.

Unique selling points (USPs) include the ability to deploy fast, in just 15 minutes, across thousands of endpoints regardless of location or OS. Potential savings on labour costs can be as high as 97% when you can eliminate the need for manual patching - and nine in ten Automox customers have reported being able to harden critical infrastructure within a day of identifying a vulnerability.

Solve the patch management puzzle

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