As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the regulations aimed at safeguarding it. The introduction of the Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2) marks a significant shift towards enhancing cyber resilience across a broader spectrum of sectors. 

But what exactly is NIS2, and why is it particularly crucial for IT resellers and MSPs to understand? Let's delve into the details.

What is NIS2 and Why Should IT Resellers and MSPs Care?

NIS2 isn't just a sequel to its predecessor, it's a comprehensive upgrade that broadens the scope and depth of cyber security and resilience measures across the EU. 

Here's why it matters to IT resellers and MSPs:

  • Compliance Deadline: The clock is ticking towards the 17 October 2024 deadline for NIS2 compliance. IT resellers and MSPs need to act swiftly to ensure their clients are not only aware but fully prepared to meet these regulatory demands.
  • Expanded Scope: NIS 2 encompasses 18 critical sectors including transport, banking, health, and digital infrastructure. This expansion means a vast array of organisations now fall under its purview, directly impacting IT resellers and MSPs. If your clients operate within these sectors, they're looking to you for guidance and solutions that ensure compliance.
  • Cyber Resilience Focus: Moving beyond mere cyber security, NIS 2 emphasises cyber resilience. This holistic approach requires organisations to not only defend against cyber threats but also maintain operational continuity amidst various challenges. For IT professionals, this shift means advising on and implementing solutions that bolster both security and resilience.
  • Security Obligations: The directive lays out clear obligations for essential and important entities, detailing the need for comprehensive measures like risk analysis, incident handling, and supply chain security. IT resellers and MSPs are on the front lines, providing the tools and expertise needed to meet these requirements.
  • Opportunities and Risks: While the penalties for non-compliance are significant, NIS 2 also presents substantial opportunities for MSPs. By proactively enhancing cyber security measures, MSPs can not only help their clients comply but also elevate their service offerings, positioning themselves as indispensable partners in the digital age.

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Unlocking NIS 2 Compliance: The Power of GFI LanGuard for IT Pros

For IT resellers and MSPs navigating the complexities of NIS 2, GFI LanGuard emerges as an essential ally. Its suite of features addresses key compliance requirements:

  • Deep-Dive Vulnerability Scans: GFI LanGuard acts like a cyber security detective, meticulously scanning your IT environment to uncover any vulnerabilities. This thorough inspection is pivotal for identifying and mitigating risks—a cornerstone of NIS 2 compliance.
  • Streamlined Patch Management: Keep your digital defenses robust with GFI LanGuard's automated patch management. This feature ensures your systems are always running the latest, most secure versions of software, warding off potential cyber threats.
  • Proof of Compliance Through Reporting: With GFI LanGuard, you're equipped to generate detailed reports in formats like PDF, HTML, XLS, and CSV. These reports aren't just paperwork; they're proof of your commitment to maintaining a secure network, aligning with NIS 2 standards.
  • Comprehensive Network Auditing: Imagine having a panoramic view of your network's security posture. GFI LanGuard's network auditing capability offers this insight, highlighting areas like weak passwords and potential malware threats, ensuring your network's integrity.
  • Simplified Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to NIS 2's stringent requirements becomes less daunting with GFI LanGuard. Its blend of vulnerability management and advanced reporting tools positions your organisation not just to meet but exceed regulatory expectations.

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  • An Overview of GFI LanGuard
  • Licencing Guide for GFI LanGuard
  • A guide for MSPs: Selling Vulnerability and Patch Management as A Service
  • How to Set Up GFI LanGuard
  • Offering Network Security Audit with GFI LanGuard MSP

Amplifying MSP Success with GFI Software

In this heightened regulatory environment, the partnership with GFI Software provides a strategic advantage. From direct engagement to innovative MSP tools, GFI Software equips IT resellers and MSPs with everything needed to navigate the NIS 2 landscape successfully.

Last year, GFI Software's MSP Partner Program was crowned the Best Program of the Year. This isn't just a title, it's a testament to a program that's constantly evolving, pushing MSPs toward their peak performance and beyond.

  • Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity, Tailored for You: With GFI LanGuard MSP, the game changes. Offering a pay-per-scan model, it's the perfect blend of affordability and top-notch cyber security, designed to grow with your client's demands and not overstretch your budget.
  • Cloud Services That Climb Higher: Boost your cloud game with GFI KerioConnect and GFI AppManager. These aren't just tools; they're your ticket to delivering versatile, compliant, and cost-effective cloud solutions that fit the unique puzzles of business needs.
  • Empowering Your Path to Growth: Dive into a partnership with GFI Software, and you're setting your MSP up not just for operational slickness and happier clients but for a journey of continuous growth. With a keen eye on the booming demand for managed cyber security, GFI Software is your ally in seizing those opportunities.

In the shifting sands of cyber regulation, having GFI Software in your corner means you're always ready, always resilient, and always a step ahead.

GFI can help your customers meet NIS 2 requirements by October 17, 2024. Contact the QBS team for support.

Reading Extension

A Case Study of GFI LanGuard in the Healthcare Industry: BayView Medical Clinic's Journey to NIS 2 Compliance

Understanding the NIS 2 Directive's Impact on Healthcare

The NIS 2 Directive emerges as a critical update to the EU's cyber security legislation, aiming to bolster the digital defenses of essential services, including the healthcare sector. With healthcare's increasing reliance on digital technologies for patient records and connected medical devices, the sector is a prime target for cyber threats. NIS 2 addresses these vulnerabilities by enhancing security requirements, simplifying reporting obligations, and introducing tougher supervisory measures across the EU.

Essential NIS 2 Requirements for the Healthcare Sector:

  • Comprehensive Risk Management: Healthcare entities must undertake thorough risk assessments and implement robust security measures to safeguard patient data.
  • Streamlined Reporting Obligations: NIS 2 mandates timely incident reporting, ensuring swift response to potential threats to network and information systems.
  • Supply Chain Security: The directive highlights the importance of securing the healthcare supply chain, demanding high-security standards from all partners and suppliers.
  • Stringent Supervisory Measures: With the possibility of sanctions for non-compliance, healthcare providers are prompted to adhere strictly to NIS 2's cyber security practices.

A Case Study of GFI LanGuard in the Healthcare Industry: Elevating BayView Medical Clinic to NIS 2 Compliance

BayView Medical Clinic in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, illustrates the transformative impact of GFI LanGuard in navigating NIS 2's complex landscape. The clinic faced significant challenges in managing patches across its 12-PC network, a critical component in ensuring cyber security resilience and compliance with NIS 2. 

By integrating GFI LanGuard, BayView Medical Clinic automated its patch management processes, significantly enhancing its network security. This automation not only aligned the clinic with NIS 2's stringent cyber security standards but also streamlined its overall compliance efforts.

  • Risk Management: GFI LanGuard facilitates detailed risk assessments, enabling healthcare providers to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Incident Reporting: The tool simplifies the incident reporting process, ensuring healthcare organisations can easily comply with NIS 2's streamlined reporting obligations.
  • Supply Chain Security: By ensuring that all networked systems and software are up-to-date, GFI LanGuard helps secure the healthcare supply chain, a key requirement under NIS 2.

BayView Medical Clinic's experience with GFI LanGuard underscores the solution's role in easing the path to compliance. Through automated patch management and enhanced network security, the clinic not only bolstered its defenses against cyber threats but also took a significant step towards fulfilling NIS 2's comprehensive cyber security regulations.


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