Simply monitoring IT infrastructures is not enough in today's challenging enterprise IT environments, which is why it's critical to complement both the monitoring strategy and the incumbent estate with strong network management.

In a new webinar, Sascha Giese, SolarWinds Head Geek, joined QBS Product Manager James Robotham and Loop1 CEO Bill Fitzpatrick to highlight how to deliver network configuration and reporting out of the box with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM).

"NCM is actually one of my favourite tools," says SolarWinds' Giese. "Why not make life a little bit easier?"

SolarWinds NCM can match the requirements of networks based on incumbent kit from leading vendors such as Cisco and helps ensure a powerful defence from potential security breaches.

Monitoring and managing Cisco Nexus devices or Cisco ASAs can be a challenging task, but gone are those dark days of only being able to monitor up/down status.

SolarWinds NCM offers a chance for cost reductions and labour savings, while complying with automated network management, configuration and backup requirements.

For Loop1's Bill Fitzpatrick, some of the less known NCM features are "absolutely valuable" for partners working with their clients, helping them manage upgrades in their environment.

"The firmware upgrade operations capability within NCM is actually very slick if you go in and build a new project, explaining in great detail exactly how this is going to work," he explains.

How SolarWinds helps both partners and customers

Leading network management software and monitoring tools from SolarWinds can streamline service delivery for entire organisations while enabling partners to drive sales through, for example, the Cisco pipeline.

QBS's James Robotham comments: "A particular play with Network Configuration Manager is looking at end-of-life and potentially end-of-sale options -- allowing you to then have discussions with customers and your partners to potentially get more within your Cisco opportunities."

Users can support multiple technologies and devices in context with the rest of the IT environment, gaining a single pane-of-glass view of network performance. There's also Cisco switch stack and Meraki monitoring features, Wi-Fi heatmaps, and more.

Click here for a recording of the 15-min webinar on YouTube -- learn how NCM can uncover network refresh opportunities, serve customers better and help them stay safe from security risk.

QBS stands ready to answer how SolarWinds network performance management software delivers the power to monitor and manage your specific requirements for your own or your customer's network.

( Image by TRESOR69 from Pixabay )