QBS Software has been selected as one of three priority distributors for SolarWinds, delivering and supporting its comprehensive IT infrastructure management and monitoring solutions across the UK and Ireland.


According to a note issued by SolarWinds' worldwide channel sales VP Jeff McCullough and senior UKI director Charles Damerell, the company is moving forward with just three priority distributors from Q3, in a bid to create optimum channel engagement for partners.


"We are always looking for ways to engage with our partners in a manner allowing us to deliver a seamless customer experience," they wrote.


As a SolarWinds Authorized Distributor since mid-2021, offering the full complement of SolarWinds solutions, QBS is looking forward to this newly transformational partnership.


"We and SolarWinds encourage partners to get in to touch to address any questions -- including any necessary assessment of deal registration approaches, and how to transition planned deals to your preferred distributor," confirms Caroline Easton, marketing head at QBS.


"Above all, our aim is to simplify the buying and selling of enterprise software, as the only single-source procurement platform for both key industry standard and unique niche players in software."


Working with dedicated licensing specialists, reseller, services provider and systems integrator partners can more easily source the software they and their customers require quickly and at a competitive price as well as streamlined purchasing, fulfilment and renewals options.


With SolarWinds, customers can say goodbye to fragmented, incompatible toolsets.


Easing monitoring and management of a full stack


Enterprise-grade cloud users can increase the returns on their investment with SolarWinds solutions for full observability of the software stack, for example -- as a recent report shows. Customers working with multiple on-prem datacentres and cloud providers, especially in hybrid environments, are able to slash capex and opex while accelerating returns.


Simply monitoring IT infrastructures is not enough in today's challenging enterprise IT environments, which is why it's critical to complement both the monitoring strategy and the incumbent estate with strong network management that assists network refreshes and growth.


Talk to QBS today to learn more about the SolarWinds software-based approach to full-stack management, monitoring and visibility and discover the benefits of Hybrid Cloud SolarWindsObservability.


At QBS, we offer and support a diverse SolarWinds Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) portfolio. Learn more, give us a call or email today.