QBS's new software delivery platform, with eight elements of an award-winning system already rolled out, looks to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness as well as provide secure pathways to one-stop digital communications for customers.

Jon Holyoake, head of digital at QBS Software, said the new platform has gone live as an integrated suite of software applications -- going beyond firing up product search to helping customers create orders and receive quotes through diverse digital channels.

"They'll be able to place orders and receive live request-based assistance, all in one place. And over the coming year, we'll be doing more releases and adding more and more functionality to it," he confirmed. "Our many well-trained specialists are also on hand ready to help."

In addition, QBS is looking to automate a lot of manual processes via the software delivery platform, Holyoake said.

"A purchase engine will connect to even more of our current vendors, so you can purchase from them digitally. A sales team won't need to approach them, phoning up the vendor to complete the licensing process," he said.

"The QBS Software Delivery Platform is about the complete ecosystem around working with QBS."

Use the new e-commerce portal to

  •  view your own personalised pricing, and stock, and generate your own price feeds
  •  generate feeds in CSV, Excel or tab separated fields, emailed hourly, daily or weekly
  •  have it uploaded to your own server, or simply download from the QBS FTP server
  •  view and download account statements in PDF and archived invoices
  •  pay outstanding invoices online
  •  source new solutions via the new Source It online form

"Later in 2021, we'll be launching the XML web service, linking systems together so customers can do live price and stock requests or download license keys in real time," Holyoake added. "We've got a renewals platform coming out too -- you'll be able to get notified and pay online when renewals come due."

Click here for a how-to of the platform.

Delivering to customer requests and changing requirements

QBS receives many integration requests from customers looking to automate the purchasing process -- and many larger customers especially wish to communicate in a more efficient digital way, via a platform or web services, according to Holyoake.

"Over the next few years, we look forward to continuing to engage with emerging trends in a customer-friendly and timely manner," he confirmed. "And if you have questions about the software delivery platform, if you have any issues or change requests, ideas, email me and we will then review it."

Specific questions about the business can of course go to the account manager -- with QBS on hand to respond to issues as needed.

"We always appreciate feedback from customers, whether around the changes we're going to make, or any ideas you'd like to propose. All comments are welcome and will be reviewed," Holyoake said.