Azul Platform Prime aims to take Java applications to new heights, accelerating value and enhancing performance for less cost - that's why QBS partners Azul across EMEA, including the Nordics and France as well as the UK.

Leveraging Azul Platform Prime, even the largest organisation can optimise infrastructures and slash cloud costs by up to 50%.

With Azul transaction handling and Java performance, even under the heaviest loads, you'll enhance user experience and customer satisfaction at a stroke. That means boosting scalability of Java ecosystems and super-fast performance.

The Java TCK compliant runtime delivers seamless integration without code recompilation, while ReadyNow! technology accelerates Java warmup for fast task processing regardless of workload.

Additionally, partners benefit from scalable JVM and the advanced LLVM-based JIT compiler for better code execution and application performance. JIT compilation can be offloaded via the Cloud Native Compiler, optimising resource use and Java application performance in various compute environments.

The C4 Collector enables handling of two to five times the number of transactions with consistently high throughput.

In tackling rising cloud costs, traditional approaches such as renegotiating with cloud service providers, eliminating unused instances or choosing the right storage types and the like can only go so far.

What customers need today is true value-optimised cloud transformation with a strategic, cross-functional approach.

According to a report by Gartner, in two years more than 70% of Java applications are set to be deployed on third-party Java runtimes, more than twice the share in 2019.

So it's never been a better time for partners to join forces with an independent Java provider like Azul, which already reports fast-growing demand for its platform across EMEA and support for more versions of Java than any other vendor - including Oracle.


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QBS is now Azul's authorised distributor in EMEA. Call us today on +44 (0) 20 8733 7100 in the UK or simply email us any time to learn more or sign up to offer the Azul advantage.


(Photo by Michiel Leunens on Unsplash)