Scaling and managing digital documentation with Docusign is all about increasing productivity and revenue, because users - whether MSPs or end-customers - can spend less time chasing down agreements and working on administrative tasks.

Breaking it down, we're talking about:

  • Less time wasted on manual search and review of info.
  • Greater ease in pinpointing documents of interest.
  • Assured accuracy and breadth when reviewing documents.
  • Ensuring consistency and control across all agreements.
  • Accelerate response to customer enquiries.


Docusign has many hundreds of integrations, including with popular accounting applications like QuickBooks as well as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and other major names. It can empower everyone from sole proprietors to enterprise-scale organisations and MSPs.

With Docusign, you gain capabilities to electronically sign, prepare, act on, and manage documents, including agreements to deliver great experiences for your customers and employees.

A mobile app is available, and with the just-announced acquisition of Lexion, customers are set to benefit from  greater AI enablement.

Lexion - a workflow platform for streamlining and centralising agreements

Lexion solutions include a repository for storing agreements and AI-powered creation of automated workflows.

Lexion's expert AI models will offer Docusign users faster contract creation, enhanced negotiations, and strategic insights - with  Al-enabled search and analytics, up and downstream process integrations with applications and databases, and persona-based workflows.

This builds on Docusign company strategy, looking forward to a new SaaS category — Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) for Docusign IAM and new line-of-business-focused applications down the track.

Check out this recent YouTube presentation with Docusign senior channel reseller manager Andy Cottingham and QBS Software product manager Raz Shah for more (28min)


According to Deloitte, nearly $2 trillion can be lost in global economic value each year due to poor agreement management practices and systems - more details here.

Problems with and blind spots around agreement management can cost time, money and opportunity.

  • On average, companies spend an extra 18% of their time on agreements, resulting in over 55 billion hours wasted globally per year.
  • An agreement can undergo 15+ handoffs internally before any counterparty negotiation.
  • 66% reported inefficient agreement workflows as reducing customer satisfaction.

With Docusign, users can achieve system-wide and organisation-wide document access and visibility regardless of where those documents reside.

  • Filter, sort and compare documents based on envelope metadata:
  • Import new and existing envelope metadata from multiple organisations so it's faster and easier to filter agreements.
  • Compare documents side by side and detect variant envelope attributes.
  • Automatically use optical character recognition (OCR) on image files and document scans.
  • Use full-text and envelope metadata search options to generate comprehensive results.
  • Leverage Total Search capabilities with employing, grouping, stem/no stem, wildcard and proximity and Boolean search, indexing and de-duplication.
  • Reduce the need to manually manage and store agreements across different systems.

Check out this survey-based report on unlocking the value in agreement management.


The latest IAM end-to-end platform as a service connects more processes and can deliver enhanced control, reducing cost across agreement lifecycles. Hidden costs of slow or inefficient document management include increased customer churn, decreased prospect conversion, unnecessary legal/compliance risk, poorly prepared negotiations, and other issues.

For example, an IAM agreement can be created by automatically pulling customer data from Salesforce, then negotiated in real time using a single shared 'live' document.

When data or identities need to be verified, those steps can be built into the workflow and automated so they happen faster and easier. Expiration dates can be notified and apps customised for different business areas.

AI is key to enhanced benefits as Docusign IAM expands into major markets later this year, following its US May launch.

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