What Covid taught so many modern organisations is the true benefit of retaining and maintaining a distributed workforce. Not only does hybrid working broaden the range of talent available, enabling organisations to hire the best person for the job regardless of location, but with the right connectivity employees can do their best work anywhere, as required. That's why QBS partners TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Tensor is, quite simply, one of the most agile and secure remote work solutions for the enterprise.

  • Connect workers from a central location, remotely, on the move and in any office.
  • Sustain and enhance productivity across a diverse team.
  • Deliver support to any device from anywhere, integrating all users.
  • Scale up and down securely whenever necessary.
  • Empower continuity even during disruption or a disaster scenario.


TeamViewer Tensor can deliver remote support across all user scenarios and device types, covering all enterprise devices with the single solution. This remote-access capability can give enterprises a foundation to scale up and down, or even to match the agility and flexibility once associated with the 'little guys'. In addition, Tensor has been constructed with enterprise-grade security in mind to ensure control over every user connection, whether they're working on a smartphone, some other mobile device, a PC or laptop, or even some other internet-connected device.

  • TeamViewer can be integrated with any enterprise IT service management (ITSM) application.
  • At the same time, TeamViewer Tensor enables full governance and compliance via comprehensive auditing and logging, meaning activity on any device can be tracked - while offering the hybrid-working opportunities that employees desire.
  • Manage large distributed device fleets with TeamViewer's new Ivanti-based mobile device management (MDM) solution. Remotely view the device screen, fix issues directly, and troubleshoot issues for users in real-time.
  • With Tensor, organisations can improve their ability to maintain and control operational assets and equipment, whether software, systems, or services.
  • Further enterprise integrations are available, including for Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Intune, Jira, and more.


There are additional benefits for cost-effectiveness because remote work can shrink real-estate overheads, as well as for sustainability, supporting reduced commutes and travel across distributed sites. Staffers and externals can do more, faster, and with less.

And by reducing costs, the company can offer better service level agreements (SLAs) to their customers - improving customer retention as well as attracting new business.

TeamViewer Tensor is available for remote, enterprise, embedded, and AR assist business cases.


Tensor offers secure access via end-to-end encrypted support for both attended and unattended access to any computing device. Whether users are at home, working at a distant branch office, or on a business trip, they can stay productive and be securely supported. Single Sign On (SSO) can be enabled.

The IT team easily prevents unauthorised connections, founding access on the organisation's chosen permissions and company policies. With cyberattacks on the rise, this level of functionality has never been more critical.

TeamViewer Tensor grants conditional access, with the ability to enforce, centralise, and restrict access according to rules set by the organisation, complementing the existing firewall.

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