With CoreView's CoreSuite for managing Microsoft 365 (M365), customers enjoy an intuitive platform that delivers better visibility at pace, even when end users aren't technical specialists.

Enhance the ability to manage users both on-premise and in the cloud from one place, with actionable reports and insights at your fingertips via a single-pane-of-glass view.

With CoreView, you can also delegate tasks in a more granular way - as and how it's needed.

Additionally, CoreView delivers process automation for various use cases, from license management to governance and administrative or maintenance related tasks.

It's all about super-powering M365 platform management, reducing anarchy across hybrid complexity.

CoreView customer experience

Oney, a banking and retail group operating in 11 countries, selected CoreView - and was able as a result to eliminate some 80 hours of manual work involving M365 processes every week.

Oney's IT department were trying to manage around 3,500 M365 users and more than 12,000 M365 objects - from maintaining secure and standardised configurations to license optimisation and governance, all across a large user base.

By leveraging CoreView, Oney states it achieved an 130% return on investment in the first year of adoption of the platform.

At the same time, Oney's local IT teams needed oversight of their own specific websites.

With CoreView, Oney was able to manage much greater use of M365 tools as a result of increased teleworking, with 95% of their workforce adopting the practice since the pandemic.

CoreView enabled delegated administration of responsibilities alongside automated monitoring of activity and user configurations, ensuring optimisation and reduced risk through better governance, including through automated reporting.

Thanks to CoreView visibility and better ability to manage software licensing, organisations can avoid wasting money on inactive and unused installations. CoreSuite Virtual Tenants allow segmentation by various criteria including department, location, group membership, business unit, and more.

And there's more 

Taken in the round, CoreView’s toolset enables users to analyse, administer, automate, optimise, secure, and audit M365. It's all about taking concrete steps to streamline IT administration, which in turn frees up resources and enhances the scope for greater productivity.

There are so many benefits of CoreView -- too many to detail here in full. So why not get in touch to discuss your options? Scroll down to send us a message via the QBS Orchestra contact form here, or simply call +44 (0) 20 8733 7155.

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