At QBS we've long recognised Smartsheet as a leader that helps organisations better manage enterprise-level work - not least because its ongoing investments in regional data hosting enabling customers worldwide to maintain data sovereignty and better protect confidential information.

2023 has been a particularly successful year with Smartsheet, showcasing its commitment to global expansion and technological excellence.

A year of achievements

Earning a place on's esteemed list of top tech companies, Smartsheet has been celebrated as a brand that matters. This accolade underscores its strengths in providing scalable security, compliance, and governance, while maintaining ease of manageability. In 2023, also distinguished Smartsheet as one of only four enterprise brands genuinely fostering industry-wide revolutions.

Smartsheet's impact extends to enhancing communication and teamwork, exemplified by its Sponsor X to bolster STEM organisation brands at major sports events like Formula 1. "One brand that Smartsheet partnered with, Australian education organisation DeadlyScience, saw a 400% increase in donations after its involvement in Sponsor X," says.

The global influence of Smartsheet is marked not only by its innovative enterprise work management platform but also by its significant cultural relevance. Smartsheet's enhancement of diversity and inclusion and driving of environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) goals has been honoured by The Drum Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards, PRNews Social Impact Awards, the SABRE Awards, the Anthem Awards and others through the Sponsor X initiative.

With Smartsheet, customer organisations create and unify the digital workplace. The platform enables users by delivering them a solid, secure platform for collaborating as a team - sharing and analysing notes, images and data.

Managing projects, programmes and processes that scale

This year, Smartsheet proudly earned a spot on's World’s Most Innovative Companies list for 2023 in the enterprise category: "The Vendor Continues to Roll Out New Capabilities". This recognition serves as a testament to the impressive milestones and forward-looking vision of the company.

The accolade reflects Smartsheet's unwavering commitment to innovation, evident in its continuous rollout of new capabilities. These developments include a new card view, generative AI, multi-widget dashboard editing, Android/iOS mobile support for Portfolio WorkApps and improved resource, workload and content management.

Moreover, Smartsheet's adherence to various regulated-industry frameworks and standards, such as HiPAA, FedRAMP, ISO, ITAR, and DOD IL4, underscores its dedication to compliance and security. 

In terms of global outreach, Smartsheet's expansion into the Asia-Pacific and Japan region is particularly noteworthy. The addition of a new local data hosting region in Australia is a strategic effort to better accommodate its growing customer base in this area, further demonstrating Smartsheet's global market presence and commitment to providing tailored regional services.


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