The advantages of LiveAction don't stop at just one use case or industry sector - here's how two customers in incredibly different verticals have boosted their businesses with network performance monitoring (NPM) solutions, including LiveWire and LiveNX.

It's all about delivering needed, empowering insights to an organisation in a timely manner.

Automotive and transport - an ever-moving target

For instance, one Fortune 500 company in the automotive and transport space chose LiveAction for the ability to empower visibility across software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) - with proofs confirmed by independent TechValidate analysis.

According to the published case study, the organisation sought out LiveAction NPM to tackle its potential to assure capacity management and integration capabilities with Cisco.

The company needed to tackle blind spots in its SD-WAN and datacentre infrastructures that were hamstringing operations and, in turn, business success.

LiveAction allowed them to diagnose problems and complete root-cause analyses faster, using its advanced capabilities in searching, filtering and granular network telemetry analysis.

In addition, the flexible and granular reports facility - including predictive alerting - and the unified, user-friendly graphics dashboard stood out among its various benefits. LiveAction provides end-to-end 'single pane of glass' visibility of network and application performance, helping drive down costs and improve business decisions.

Meeting the challenges of modern financial services

Then there's Linsco/Private Ledger Corp (LPL Financial), which also lauds LiveAction capabilities in issue diagnoses and troubleshooting for organisations. Linsco hails from the challenging but diverse financial services sector.

The US-based large broker-dealer was struggling with an inability to "see" across and into its datacentre, campus, and SD-WAN networks, according to the TechValidate-approved case study.

Across all these varied networking locations, Linsco/Private Ledger praises LiveAction for boosting its employee productivity through better network and application performance, on top of the direct gains of being able to accelerate problem analysis - and therefore time to resolution from the moment an issue is revealed through NPM.

Having such a specific, granular approach can genuinely help, especially when it comes to complex enterprise IT environments.

Digging deeper into LiveAction's portfolio

Among LiveAction's NPM arsenal, LiveWire packet capture analysis and LiveNX for enterprise network monitoring software can ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to cost-effective NPM that fully supports business objectives.

With LiveAction NPM, essential IT insights are at organisational fingertips, ensuring visibility, efficiency and functionality. With real-time insights into key performance indicators, from CPU host utilisation to storage performance, netops can proactively correct critical systems including servers, switches and routers.

Whether customers are relying on wired or wireless network equipment for data exchange, LiveAction's software-defined approach to NPM follows open-systems interconnection models to standardise and define network protocols across all seven potential layers.

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( Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash )