Failing on cybersecurity ultimately means lowering the odds on organisational outcomes: that's why the privileged access management (PAM) experts at Delinea focus on truly matching solutions to business needs.

Nearly nine in ten (89%) of respondents to Delinea's latest survey confirm their business suffered at least one negative impact in the past year that was due to poor cybersecurity-business alignment.

Among the C-suite, department leader and management professionals worldwide who were surveyed, only 47% say cybersecurity goals are extremely aligned with business goals.

As a result, just 40% of those surveyed say they’re ready to take on the cybersecurity fight, with many confirming they're simply running in place, especially those with day-to-day responsibility for IT and security management.

We all know that cybersecurity leaders can sometimes struggle to expand their remit beyond security fundamentals, typically being consumed with daily defence of their organisation, reactively fighting fires as they occur.

This underlines the need for partners - resellers, distributors, MSPs - to work more closely with vendors and customer organisations to help cybersecurity evolve its alignment with business requitements - and help drive desired outcomes.

Achieving this can entail, in part, reducing and breaking down silos, enabling improved communication and collaboration across departments in a hybrid environment.

Optimum cybersecurity helps drive business outcomes

For example, the Delinea platform - powered with the latest release of Secret Server - can seamlessly extend privileged access management (PAM) by providing authorisation across the board, for all identities, controlling access and protecting sensitive data while deleting complexity.

While defending against internal and external cyber threats, organisations also benefit from scheduled auditing, reporting, and alerts, both proactively informing teams and management and enhancing the ability to set granular policies and ensure compliance across all devices and employee access.

Secret Server real-time session monitoring and control includes proxying, session recording, and keystroke logging, with machine-learning powered behaviour analysis helping identify unusual user activity.

With secure vaulting and password management, including automated password changes, heartbeat, and configurable policies, alongside the ability to locate services accounts across the network, Delinea customers achieve visibility and control of dependencies, integrations and privileges as needed.

Taking advantage of such capabilities can also help reduce the challenge of aligning goals with metrics available.

Delinea help organisations manage both people and stressful situations better, all while achieving full regulatory compliance and a valid technical approach. Contact QBS Software to discuss your options further - click here or phone +44 (0)20 8733 7100.

The advantage for MSPs

Delinea Secret Server can also revolutionise an MSP offering with PAM-as-a-Service.

Secret Server for MSPs permits centralised control of privileged account management across multiple customer networks as well as your own internal systems, in a single install. To talk to QBS: MSP, simply fill out this form or call 0208 733 7180.

( Photo by Ben White on Unsplash )