US manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor has sharpened its competitive edge by implementing OpenText Exceed onDemand -- which helps its team work more efficiently and bring products to market faster.

According to David Joy, CAD/systems engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor, the benefits of having a 'suspend and resume' feature in Exceed onDemand can't be found anywhere else.

The components maker had been looking for technology that would further boost productivity.

OpenText Exceed onDemand has allowed Fairchild Semiconductor to save time on its design cycles and design simulations.

The firm has also saved costs related to start-up, hardware and human resources, according to Fairchild Semiconductor.

OpenText Exceed onDemand and OpenText Exceed TurboX deliver secure thin-client remote access to X Window applications and desktops -- providing dependable, managed application access for X Window systems, including UNIX, Linux, Oracle Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX.

OpenText Exceed onDemand not only ensures quality drawing and display across any network connection but complies with SSH and SSL encryption standards end to end for remote application access -- protecting valuable business assets.

Users can also transfer, suspend or resume X sessions, manage configuration files and work together in shared sessions.

OpenText delivers reliable remote access for large datasets

US-based Penn State University researchers are also benefiting from OpenText Exceed onDemand's ability to deliver reliable and manageable remote access across engineering and data-intensive scientific activities.

Michael Fenn, systems administrator at Penn State University, says: "Exceed onDemand has enabled our researchers to become much more productive when using and manipulating 3D representations of large datasets."

Researchers needed to access computational data and documentation quickly to analyse it and draw valid conclusions.

They also needed to be able to recover critical data, and offer remote access to complex graphical applications.

Moving to OpenText onDemand not only enabled the education institution to lighten the load of academic researchers and help them produce better studies but eased the cost of administering research department infrastructures, including a broadly distributed user base, according to OpenText.

OpenText connectivity solutions also include: OpenText Exceed, OpenText Exceed 3D, OpenText HostExplorer terminal emulator Windows software, and more.