Passwords have often shown they can be the weakest link when securing the endpoint, especially with the rise of remote working and cloud applications.

A change in approach has become essential, which is why QBS is working with Hitachi Security Business Group to offer VeinID Five biometrics solutions for password-free Windows access.

Security of access by password can fall short in several ways, not least because people typically struggle to remember a myriad, ever-changing number of passwords or passphrases.

With VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement, however, security flows from the use of safe, reliable, non-invasive biometrics to quickly and accurately identify and authenticate users for access of data or secure areas, including the corporate network.

Hitachi's VeinID technology uses the individual pattern of blood vessels in the fingers to identify the user. And with VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement, no special hardware is required.

Employees need only raise their hand to a standard, 720p or better, laptop or desktop camera, to enable the device to capture an image of the vein patterns within the fingers to then be registered as login credentials.

Data is stored encrypted in the Secure Vault Service locally, not in the software itself, and linked to Windows authentication for future access and synchronisation. Templates used during login are deleted once a match outcome is returned as well - not stored anywhere.

The solution supports Windows sign-in out of the box on Intel i5 and above based machines, running on platforms including Windows 10 and 11 Pro/Enterprise 64bit (with recent updates and drivers), for local Windows accounts, Active Directory, Azure AD accounts and Microsoft online IDs. Only 8GB of RAM and 1.1GB of disk space are required.

VeinID Five advantages include

  • no need to remember passwords
  • no need to contact the support desk for password resets (user self-service)
  • reduced risk of common password attacks including phishing, re-play and spoofing
  • using face-and-finger vein mode adds another level of security
  • no need for a high-end camera or hardware/server upgrade with Windows Hello for Business
  • internal and non-degradable biometric
  • no physical contact required (more hygienic)
  • can match details in five seconds
  • ease of deployment
  • fits into Windows 10 credential workflow
  • AES 256 industry-standard encryption
  • no additional devices to be carried, broken or forgotten
  • simple and straightforward everyday access

In addition, the vein pattern of a person is more individual and robust as a biometric than the fingerprint, and is not damaged by normal daily activity. In Japan years ago, it was first used to allow citizens to collect their benefits and pensions from ATMs.

So much time and resource can be lost in that never-ending dance of password loss, lockout and reset. Instead, why not reset employee productivity levels today? Opt for VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement from Hitachi - and QBS.

Contact QBS in the UK here or by calling +44 (0) 20 8733 7100. Or at QBS France via this form or phoning +33 (0) 1 56 20 24 20.

( Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash )