When it comes to potential data breaches, ransomware, phishing and other malware, or advanced persistent threats (APTs), organisations are increasingly aware that email and productivity solutions can be weaker links in the chain.

Hornetsecurity offers advanced threat intelligence and a cybersecurity portfolio covering off Microsoft 365 (M365) email security and backup services, for total protection 365 days a year.


Hornetsecurity's robust, comprehensive, award-winning protection incorporates:

  • Spam and virus filtering.

  • Protection against phishing and ransomware.

  • Legally compliant archiving and encryption.

  • Advanced threat protection.

  • Email continuity, including signatures and disclaimers.

  • Backup and recovery for all data in M365 and at user endpoints.


While advanced email threat numbers may fall seasonally, multiple low-level attacks can typically be experienced. And in January 2024, more targeted complex email attacks were again on the rise.

File types such as .html, .pdf, archive files, .xls and so on are still commonly used in the attempt to deliver malicious payloads via email, with many industries from research and mining to entertainment frequently targeted. That's despite the disabling of macros by default.

Also in January 2024, the Midnight Blizzard attacks successfully exfiltrated Microsoft exec team emails.

Supply-chain attacks continue to rise, as are phishing attacks using social media such as Instagram or Twitter/X in corporate account take-over attempts.

And in malicious emails, the most spoofed organisations include the likes of delivery firms FedEx and DHL, or payments via the likes of PayPal or Sparkasse.

Swamped by a never-ending tide of spam, organisations need fast, secure and reliable ways to beat these risks, especially when it comes to email and unsuspecting users.

(Source: Hornetsecurity)

  • Some 36.4% of 45 billion emails scanned by Hornetsecurity in the last 12 months were unwanted - in other words, vehicles for spam and potential malware threats to the recipient.

  • Hornetsecurity’s  Cyber Security Report 2024 reveals that phishing is still the top email threat, comprising 43.3% of attacks.

  • Malicious URL use jumped from 12.5% to 30.5% of all email attacks year on year - a rise of 144%.

  • The MOVEit supply chain attack alone by December 2023 reportedly exploited some 90 million individuals.

Whether this is due to negligence or overburdened IT departments remains to be seen ... we expect the MOVEit supply-chain attack to remain an issue in the industry for some time.

Hornetsecurity Security Lab


It's crucial to educate users to remain sceptical of attractive online offers or appeals, always verifying independently the legitimacy of e-stores and other online entities before engagement. Remote access, legacy tenants, and permissions for tool access, including M365 Co-Pilot, should be reviewed.

Backing up the criticality of appropriate behaviours, the Hornetsecurity email server can head off many threats at the pass - for instance, rejecting emails directly during the SMTP dialog.

  • Ensure fast and up-to-date patching of all applications with automated solutions for backup and archiving. There's more here in its Backup Bible.

  • Strong and layered defences adapt and evolve with the ever-changing threat landscape. both layering email security on top of Exchange Online, changing the Mail eXchanger (MX) records, and by creating an application in Entra ID with permissions to the Graph Application Programming Interface (API).

  • Malicious document decryption assists with tackling email malware attached in encrypted files, sandboxing, registry monitoring, secure URL rewrites, fraud forensics, memory inspection, and QR code scanning for common file types like .gifs or .jpgs.

  • Advanced threat detection targeting advanced threats from ransomware and CEO fraud to BEC, ATO and spear-phishing.

  • Next-gen M365 security and compliance for the cloud, including permissions management and policy enforcement.

  • AI recipient validation.

  • Automated staff security awareness training and benchmarking, including spear-phishing simulation.


    Hornetsecurity's 365 Total Protection portfolio is tailored for fending off cyber threats this year and beyond.

    With malicious web links and phishing, not to mention ransomware, so prevalent, organisations need to be certain they can minimise related potential risks - especially when it comes to email. That means maintaining best practice on cybersecurity, including next-generation email protection.

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