In today's data-centric world, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the solution that ensures control even in offline scenarios, providing protection against unauthorised data transfers, exfiltration threats via various channels, and much more.

CoSoSys is on a mission to empower organisations by putting them in control of their most sensitive data. Their vision is to bridge the visibility gap within security systems, allowing proactive threat identification and response before data breaches occur.

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CoSoSys CMO, Tim Deluca-Smith, and QBS Product Manager, Raz Shah, discussed the critical role of endpoint DLP in today's security landscape:

  • Why endpoint DLP is crucial for safeguarding organisation's sensitive data in today's ever-evolving security landscape
  • How endpoint DLP can shield the organisation from the high costs associated with data breaches
  • How Endpoint Protector empowers organisations to secure their data while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements

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