MSPs are actively searching for advanced vulnerability and patch management software, driven by two main factors. First, compliance regulations such as Europe's NIS2, Saudi Arabia's CRF, and Australia's Essential Eight necessitate a forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity. Failure to meet the NIS2 requirements by the 17 October 2024 deadline could result in unwanted fines—a scenario no customer wants. Second, there's a growing demand for customisable solutions, with businesses requiring varying levels of audit frequency.

This guide highlights GFI LanGuard as a comprehensive response to these customer needs. It streamlines end-point protection across networks, providing visibility into network components, pinpointing potential vulnerabilities, and facilitating their resolution. With an intuitive interface and straightforward deployment, GFI LanGuard is positioned as an effective patch management and network auditing solution.

11 good features that make GFI LanGuard stand out

GFI LanGuard effectively consolidates essential security functions, providing a robust solution for managing vulnerabilities and ensuring network integrity.

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Agent-based scansYesNo
Network utilitiesYesNo
Web based console for multiple deploymentsYes
WSUS integrationYes

GenAI CoPilot: Smarter Insights, Better Security

GFI LanGuard fortifies network security through a series of strategic enhancements tailored for its users:

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment: This feature provides an in-depth analysis of the network, spotlighting potential vulnerabilities and entry points for cyber threats, crucial for preemptive security measures.
  • Cyber Threat Patch Management: GFI LanGuard proactively addresses security gaps by deploying timely patches across operating systems and applications, significantly strengthening the network's defense against potential exploits.
  • Compliance Management Reporting: It streamlines the compliance process with regulatory standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS by generating comprehensive reports, simplifying the complex landscape of cybersecurity compliance for businesses.

The integration of GenAI insights and the Configuration Assistant into GFI LanGuard's suite elevates its defense mechanisms to new heights, delivering faster, more intelligent, and bespoke cybersecurity solutions. GenAI dives deep into vulnerability analysis, pinpointing exact areas of concern for targeted protection that transitions security from a passive safeguard to a proactive, strategic asset. Meanwhile, the Configuration Assistant customises security protocols to align with specific network requirements, easing the deployment of advanced protection measures. This agility is key in adapting to and thwarting new cyber threats, adjusting security parameters on-the-fly to safeguard critical data, ensure ongoing compliance, and reduce the overall risk landscape.

Benefits for MSPs

GFI LanGuard emerges as an essential cybersecurity solution for MSPs, adeptly meeting the complex requirements of their clients. Distinguished by its MSP-friendly pay-per-scan billing option, GFI LanGuard facilitates a new level of service adaptation and financial efficiency.

The pay-per-scan model grants MSPs unparalleled flexibility to accommodate clients of varying sizes and needs, enabling precise scaling of services. This approach promotes cost-effective management while enhancing profitability, offering substantial benefits to both MSPs and their clients.

Explore the capabilities and benefits of GFI LanGuard for MSPs through our detailed guide, covering:

  • Comprehensive insights into GFI LanGuard's features
  • A licensing overview designed for MSP flexibility
  • Strategies for offering Vulnerability and Patch Management as a service
  • Guidance on setting up and optimising GFI LanGuard
  • Utilising GFI LanGuard for conducting thorough Network Security Audits
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