As ransomware becomes increasingly dangerous each year, insights from privileged access management specialist Delinea (formerly Thycotic and Centrify) underline the need for a robust, multi-layered defense strategy. Today's cybercriminals are adopting stealthier techniques to exfiltrate sensitive data, moving beyond traditional email attacks to target critical applications directly. This escalation demands fortified access protections for DevOps resources, including repositories, pipelines, and dependencies.

In 2023, Delinea has significantly enhanced its protection capabilities:

  • The cloud-native Delinea Platform for Privileged Access Management (PAM) now offers comprehensive visibility, dynamic privilege controls, and adaptive security measures.
  • Our solutions integrate enterprise vaulting and VPN-less privileged remote access with advanced privilege controls, enabling precise just-in-time access for scalable security and resilience.
  • We've also boosted our privileged access and identity governance capabilities with AI-driven security authorisations.


  • Delinea has been awarded a US patent for Delegated Machine Credentials, facilitating secure and efficient machine access by delegating machine-specific entitlements to running workloads.
  • Our groundbreaking AI-Driven Audit (AIDA) feature combines user activity recognition with AI learning to scrutinise privileged session recordings and identify potential threats.
  • The introduction of enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at login for individual privileged credentials bolsters security layers, mitigates risks, and enhances compliance.


Delinea's Ransomware Pulse Report for 2024 highlights that organisations of all sizes are vulnerable to ransomware attacks, with an increasing number admitting to being targeted each year. These stealthy attacks allow perpetrators to operate undetected, often forcing victims to pay ransoms to regain access to their resources or to prevent the release of confidential data.

Key findings include:

  • A resurgence in ransomware attacks and their impacts.
  • A growing percentage of organisations acknowledging ransom attacks.
  • Increased instances of organisations agreeing to ransom demands.
  • Negative revenue impacts following ransomware incidents.
  • Limited budget expansions for most teams post-attack, despite heightened executive interest in PAM and other defensive strategies like incident response planning.
  • Evolving ransomware tactics necessitating sophisticated, multi-layered defenses.

Download the full report.


Delinea's solutions are expertly designed to protect critical data, secure endpoints, control cloud access, and safeguard sensitive code. We authenticate and verify users across multiple environments, supported by precise privilege controls. Our Least Privilege Discovery tool identifies endpoints at risk, helping prevent malware infections and revealing potentially harmful applications already in operation. The newly updated DevOps Secrets Vault helps organisations minimise risks associated with hardcoded credentials, enhancing our robust incident response guidance.

In the Delinea platform marketplace, our offerings include:

  • Over 130 unique validated ISV integrations.
  • Extensive built-in password changers and customisation options.
  • A wide range of secret templates and identity integrations, including SSO, SAML, and MFA.
  • Comprehensive SIEM and ITSM integrations, including ServiceNow, Zendesk, and BMC.
  • A variety of discovery tools, launchers, PowerShell scripts, and connectors, complemented by migration tools and local agents.


High-profile attacks often originate from DevOps environments, targeting trusted software and updates with severe repercussions. By partnering with QBS, a leading software distributor, and Delinea, you can stay ahead of the latest developments in ransomware prevention and access management. Together, we ensure that your organisation is equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and tools to effectively combat ransomware and other access violations.

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(Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)